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Scale: Replace the use of a process pool with ioprocess written in C.


Current status

  • Target Release: 3.5
  • Status: Released in oVirt 3.5

Benefit to oVirt

The advantage of this implementation is that it's lightweight and scalable.

Detailed Description

Currently we use a single process ('Remote File Handler') for each I/O request to remote storage (NFS). We want to replace the use of 'Remote File Handler' with ioprocess. Ioprocess is a C implementation providing a single process that can serve multiple I/O requests.


The change is planned to occur in two phases.

Phase 1: A single ioprocess will replace the existing process pool and the storage side will be exposed to the same interface and configuration, only the underlying implementation will change.

Phase 2: A single ioprocess will serve a single storage domain. Out of process interface to storage will change and expose the actual ioprocess and its new file handling functions implementation.