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Single Disk Snapshot


Customization of snapshots with regards to VM configuration and disks.


Current status

  • Target Release: 3.4
  • Status: released

Benefit to oVirt

  • Allow creation of a customized snapshot. I.e. selecting which disks to take snapshot on.
  • Custom snapshot preview:
    • Previewing a new state by selecting VM configuration and disks from various snapshots.
    • Support commit to the new state and undo to the previous one.
  • Features based on specific disks snapshots, such as Storage Live Migration, will benefit from the new support
    • E.g. LSM will take a snapshot only on the migrated disks - as opposed to the current situation in which a snapshot is taken on all disks.

Detailed Description

Currently, a Snapshot represents a single point in time that contains the configuration of the VM and all attached disks.

I.e. creating/previewing/committing a snapshot must be done on the entire VM - including all the disks.

This feature introduces the ability to remove the constraint by allowing to exclude disks from a snapshot.

In addition, adds a new functionality of creating a customized snapshot composed of configuration and disk from multiple snapshots.


Create Snapshot Dialog

Custom Preview Button

Custom Preivew Dialog



Custom Preview Dialog - Video


Add <disks> tag to create/restore snapshot.

Note: preview only is not available from rest (restore = preview + commit).

Create Snapshot:

POST /api/vms/{vm_id}/snapshots

 <vm id="{vm_id}"/>
  <disk id="{disk_id}"/>

Restore Snapshot:

POST /api/vms/{vm_id}/snapshots/{snapshot_id}/restore

  <disk id="{disk_id}">
   <snapshot id="{snapshot_id}"/>

oVirt 3.5

Preview Snapshot:

POST /api/vms/{vm_id}/preview_snapshot

 <snapshot id="{snapshot_id}"/>
  <disk id="{disk_id}">
   <snapshot id="{snapshot_id}"/>


  • CreateAllSnapshotsFromVmCommand
    • The command should support handling a specified disks list.
    • Disks not included in specified list should be ‘fast-forwarded’ to active snapshot (i.e. update snapshot id without creating a new snapshot).
  • TryBackToAllSnapshotsOfVmCommand
    • The command should support handling a specified disks list.
    • Ability to preview a subset of VM disks.
    • Allow previewing to various points of time (each specified image can define a different snapshot).
    • Support previewing only disks while keeping the current VM configuration.
    • Keeping old API from ‘regular’ preview.
  • RestoreAllSnapshotsCommand
    • Identify on which disks to perform snapshot undo/commit.
    • Skip restore for excluded disks (but keep updating snapshot id accordingly).
  • GetAllVmSnapshotsByVmIdQuery
    • Configurable support to return the snapshots with appropriate images list.
    • Fetch disks data from VM configuration which resides in the OVF (depending on UI design).
  • Snapshot
    • Add a list of disk images.


Already supported.

Open Issues

  • Custom Preview Dialog
    • What to display at the bottom section?
      • “Result” - i.e. the state to preview.
      • VM configuration - i.e. the bottom section updates on configuration selection.
      • Decision: the bottom section displays the ‘result’ snapshot.
    • Memory (applicable only for live snapshot)
      • Should we allow configuration/memory decoupling?
      • Or, configuration selection enforces the selection of memory from same snapshot (and vice versa)?
      • Decision: VM configuration and memory are coupled. I.e. one cannot preview memory of a snapshot without selecting the same snapshot’s configuration.
    • Allow excluding a disk from preview (deselecting entire column)?
      • Excluding a disk implications are similar to deleting a disk (will result with an illegal disk on previous snapshots).
      • Decision: allow disk exclude for now.


  • Verify that create snapshot flow has no regressions.
  • Verify that the ‘regular’ preview/undo/commit flow has no regressions.
  • Create a snapshot with a subset of disks.
  • Custom preview a snapshot from various point of times.
  • Undo/commit a custom previewed snapshot.

Future Work

  • Revise error flows
    • E.g. failing to take a snapshot on one disk shouldn’t rollback the entire snapshot, instead, just exclude the disk from the snapshot.
  • Continue the decoupling of snapshot components and use single disks snapshots when needed, as in LSM flow.
  • Create a snapshot form disk context
    • Select a disk -> create snapshot (still requires including the VM configuration).
  • Preview/commit/undo a snapshot from disk context
    • Only a subset of the disks at a time, since creating a preview snapshot locks most VM operations (adding/removing disks, etc).
  • Exclude VM configuration
    • Do we want to allow creating a snapshot without VM configuration?
  • Detach/Attach of disks with snapshots
    • How to represent/display snapshots of a floating disk?
    • How to handle attach of a disk with snapshots to a different VM?
  • Profiles
    • Creating a snapshot profiles (which allows single click snapshot). E.g. ‘VM configuration + OS disk profile’ / etc.