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Storage Domain Live Upgrade


This feature will allow upgrades from old data center types to new ones even while the pool is active and VMs are running.

Current Status

Released in oVirt 3.1


Some features are only available in certain data center levels because of backwards incompatible changes. Up until now you had to create a new data center to enjoy the new features. This feature will allow users to upgrade existing data centers to allow them to use new features.



Affected Functionality

Data Center level change.

User Experience

When the user changes the data center compatibility level an upgrade process will initiate in VDSM.


No new scheme is required.

How to use

To initiate a VDSM upgrade either use the upgradeStoragePool verb or put the new format in the spmStart verb.

User work flows

User will be able to changes the data center compatibility level through the UI.

Changes in ovirt engine

Initiate pool upgrade in VDSM when changing data center compatibility level.