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Detailed Hot Plug Nic

Hotplug/Hotunplug of Network Interface Cards


Allow to hot plug and unplug a NIC to/from running guest.


  • Name: Igor Lvovsky
  • Email:

Current status

  • Target Release: 3.1
  • Status: …
  • Last updated date: Feb 1 2012

Detailed Description

The following feature will allow to hot plug/unplug NIC on running vm. The feature will be allowed only on 3.1 clusters and above This feature will be restricted to operating systems that support this action – Windows7, Windows7 x64, Windows2008, Windows2008 x64, Windows2008R2 x64, RHEL5, RHEL5 x64, RHEL6 and RHEL6 x64

User Experience

  • VMs main tab -> NICs sub-tab:
    • New buttons: Activate and Deactivate will be added
    • New status (icon) column should be added.
    • A “Activate” check-box (checked by default) should be added to the “New NIC” dialog.

The NIC adding to the VM will be performed as two steps procedure: #Add new NIC - will only add the proper entry to DB #Activate NIC - will actually plug NIC to VM The NIC removing from the VM will be performed as two steps procedure: #Deactivate NIC - will actually unplug NIC from VM #Remove NIC - will remove the proper entry from DB The same behavior should be applied on stopped and running VM’s.

Engine Flows

Add nic
  • when adding a nic as activated, if the VM is up, plug it.
Update nic
  • throw canDo when trying to update a nic when the vm is running and the nic is plugged.
Remove nic
  • remove the nic only if the VM is down or nic is deactivated
Run VM
  • when running a VM, include only nics which are ‘activated’ in the parameters

sent to VDSM.

Plug nic
  • plugging a nic when a VM is down updates its plugged flag in

vm_device table to ‘true’. If the VM is up then the VDSM is also being called to plug it.

Unplug nic
  • when unplugging a nic update its plugged flag in vm_device table to ‘false’ and clear the address


2 new actions on nics collection:


Engine API

  • plug or unplug a nic
    Guid vmId;
    Guid nicId;
    boolean plug;


  join vm_device.isPlugged as active
Error codes

translate VDSM error codes: TODO


A new API is added for this feature.

hotplugNic (params)
hotunplugNic (params)

params = {
'vmId': vmUUID, 
       {'type': 'interface',
        'device': 'bridge|sriov|vnlink|bridgeless',
        'network': 'network name',                      <--- bridge name
        'address': 'PCI address dictionary',            <--- PCI = {'type':'pci', 'domain':'0x0000', 'bus':'0x00', 'slot':'0x0c', 'function':'0x0'}
        'macAddr': 'mac address',
        'bootOrder': <int>,                             <--- global boot order across all bootable devices
        'promisc': <blue,red>,                          <--- promisc mirror mode, the interface will mirror all red and blue bridge traffic
        'specParams': params dictionary,
        'nicModel': 'pv|rtl8139|e1000'}

New vdsm errors will be added:

'Failed to hotplug NIC' - code 49
'Failed to hotunplug NIC' - code 50

Note: To avoid PCI addresses collisions Engine should clean NIC’s address entry in DB when unplug the NIC. The new address will be assigned to NIC with next plugging.


The changes will be done at vdsm side and GUI and API. At vdsm side will be addded support for a new verbs as defined above. At GUI and API will be added new changes in order to support the new functionality at engine side.

Documentation / External references

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