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Blank to Defaults

Turn Blank to Global Defaults


Until oVirt 3.5 the Blank template was not editable but still providing the default values. The idea here is to rename the Blank to Default, decouple it completely from a cluster and make it editable (not deletable).


Current status

  • Target Release: 3.6
  • Status: Done


  • The Blank template will be completely decoupled from all clusters making it possible to delete the Default DC/Cluster
  • The Blank template will still not be deletable
  • The Blank will support the highest cluster level’s features and when creating a VM from it, only the applicable ones will be applied
  • Since the Blank template will be decoupled from all the clusters and usable in any cluster there will be the following limitations:
    • Nothing which is directly related to one specific cluster will be settable there, namely:
      • Pin to host
      • Emulated Machine override
      • CPU Model override
      • Attach CD
      • CPU Profiles
      • OS Type since there are different OS types for different architectures
    • Can not have any disks

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