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Console settings dialog in Webadmin and User Portal



This feature has these aims:


  • this feature will not allow changing console type from VNC to SPICE and vice versa (on running VM) as this affects the VM entity and requires VM restart

Benefit to oVirt

This feature will allow quick changing of console parameters from frontend.


Mission 1 - Test dialog functionality

  • Create 2 VMs with SPICE and VNC display protocol, run them.
  • Open Console Option dialog for them and then try selecting various combinations of options for the dialog and then connect to VM .

Mission 2 - Testing options persistence

  • Open Console Options dialog for a VM
  • Change some options, click OK
  • Refresh the browser window (to reinitialize gwt app)
  • Open Console Options dialog for that VM again
  • Check if previously selected options are selected now.