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S4/S3 suspend


  • Allow S3 and S4 power management options to be controlled per VM in addition to current suspend function
  • Support this feature in webadmin, power user portal, REST API and CLI
  • Still keep the current suspend type as default. Later the suspend type can be set automatically based on guest OS type (not all guest may support S3/S4)


Current status

Detailed Description

Affected roles

Roles that can manipulate the suspend options for following entities:

  1. VM, Template, VM Pool
    • SuperUser, PowerUser, ClusterAdmin, DataCenterAdmin.
  2. VM
    • ad 1,
    • UserVmManager, VmCreator.
  3. Template
    • ad 1,
    • TemplateAdmin, TemplateCreator, TemplateOwner.
  4. VM Pool
    • ad 1,
    • VmPoolAdmin.

Webadmin/Power User Portal

Affected dialogs

  • New/edit VM dialog
  • New/edit VM pool dialog
  • Edit template dialog


  • New subtab in affected dialogs with suspend options represented by three radio buttons (S3, S4, or standard "old" suspend)
  • Admin/power user is able to change suspend function behavior for given VM/pool/template by selecting one of the radio buttons
  • Default value should be still standard suspend.


  • The suspend function (e.g.triggered by "pause button") will perform chosen type of suspend


Need new element suspend_type of following resources:

  • Virtual machine
  • Template


the support for hibernation has been already added, see http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/1121/

Documentation / External references