Press Contacts

News and Review contacts who cover virtualization:


Paul Venezia, Infoworld

Paul Ferrill, Serverwatch

Frank Ohlhorst, eWEEK, TechTarget, others

Michael Otey, WindowsITPro

Keith Schultz, InfoWorld (needs to be verified if still valid)

Rick Vanover, Virtualization Review

Brien Posey, Virtualization Review

Logan Harbaugh, Virtualization Review, others

Tom Henderson, Network World

Sean Deuby, WindowsITPro


Charles Babcock, InformationWeek

Chris Preimesberger, eWEEK

Kevin McLaughlin, CRN

Josette Rigsby, Silicon Angle

Derrick Harris, GigaOm

Cade Metz, Wired Enterprise

Dave Greenfield, NetworkWorld (works for silver peak)

David Marshall, InfoWorld (needs to be verified if still valid)

Bert Latamore, Services Angle

Scott Fulton, Read Write Web

Bruce Hoard, Virtualization Review

Kevin Fitchard, GigaOM

Rachel King, ZDNet

Ken Hess, ZDNet

Timothy Prickett Morgan, Register

Robert McMillan, Wired Enterprise

Doug Barney, Virtualization Review

Ashlee Vance, Businessweek

Eric Knorr, InfoWorld

Robert Mullins, InformationWeek

Brandon Butler, Network World

Chris Talbot, Network Computing (needs to be verified if still valid)

Elias Khnaser, Virtualization Review

Dan Kusnetzky, ZDNet

Howard Marks, Network Computing

Nancy Gohring, PC World (needs to be verified if still valid)


  • RedMonk: Stephen O’Grady, James Governor, Donnie Berkholz
  • Matt Asay
  • Ben Kepes
  • Others?