oVirt 3.0 release management

First Release


  • oVirt first release is currently scheduled to 2012-02-09.
    • Go/no-go meeting (#ovirt irc channel): 2012-02-07 15:00UTC
    • Final VDSM: 2012-01-10
    • Final oVirt-engine: 2012-01-12 12:00 UTC
    • Versioned git branch creation: 2012-01-12
    • First test day: 2012-01-16
    • Components maintainers MUST send their release notes prior to the new branch creation.


  • MUST: Appropriate tag/branch in the git repos
  • MUST: Downloadable source tarball (signed)
  • SHOULD: Downloadable binary tarball
  • SHOULD: Downloadable binary builds for different distros
  • MUST: Easy SSL support (via installer or separate script)
  • MUST: Easy DB creation (via installer or separate script)
  • SHOULD: Easy installation method (ovirt-setup or ovirt service)
  • MUST: Pass minimal smoke test
    • Running a VM on NFS and Local storage sounds reasonable to me (oschreib)
    • MUST: ovirt-node full cycle (register, approve and running VM)


  • ovirt-node:
    • VDSM Doesn’t register without manual process (/wiki/Engine_Node_Integration#Engine_core_machine)
      • Patches posted, awaiting approval
        • suggested patches break backward compatibility with vdsm-4.9 in several cases - registration to a different servelet, different management network breaks migration, maybe more issues.
    • ETA: Dependent on VDSM, but should be by 2011-12-09

Open issues

  • Signing: Who should sign tarballs?