oVirt 3.5 release-management


  • General availability: 2014-10-17 (Fri)
    • RC5 Build: 2014-10-09 (Thu)
    • RC4 Build: 2014-10-02 (Thu)
    • RC3 Build: 2014-09-24 (Wed)
    • oVirt 3.5 Third Test Day: 2014-09-17 (Wed)
    • RC2 Build: 2014-09-11 (Thu)
    • Build refresh: ’ 2014-08-22’ (Fri)
    • RC1 Build: ’ 2014-08-05’ (Tue)
    • oVirt 3.5 Second Test Day: 2014-07-29 (Tue)
    • Second Beta release: 2014-07-23 (Wed)
    • oVirt 3.5 First Test Day: 2014-07-01 (Tue)
    • Branching - Beta release: 2014-06-30 (Mon)
    • Feature freeze: 2014-06-15 (Sun)
    • Second Alpha release: 2014-06-06 (Fri)
    • Alpha release: 2014-05-20 (Tue)

More details on test days, etc. to come in the next few weeks

Nightly Builds

Nightly builds are available from oVirt snapshots repositories:

http://resources.ovirt.org/pub/ovirt-3.5-snapshot-static/ http://resources.ovirt.org/pub/ovirt-3.5-snapshot/

Features Status Table

To try and improve 3.5 planning over the wiki approach in 3.3, this google doc http://goo.gl/4SuYdE has been created.

Tracker Bug

    • Tracker: oVirt 3.5 release

Release Criteria


  • All sources must be available on ovirt.org


  • MUST: No blockers on the lower level components - libvirt, lvm,device-mapper,qemu-kvm, Jboss, postgres, iscsi-initiator
    • Current blocker list:
  • MUST: All image related operations work - copy, move, import, export, snapshot (vm and template)
  • MUST: Ovirt/host installation should work flawlessly (w/o SSL)
  • MUST: Fully operational flow (define DC hierarchy so you can run vm) with GUI/CLI/Python-API/REST-API
  • MUST: vm life-cycle is working flawlessly (start,suspend,resume,stop,migrate)
  • MUST: Upgrade from previous release
    • Features/bug list:
  • MUST: ovirt-node full cycle (register, approve and running VM, reboot and verify things still work)
  • MUST: No known data corruptors
    • Current list of data corruptors:
  • MUST: Can define NFS, iSCSI, FC and local based storage domains
  • MUST: Can define VLAN based networks, bond interfaces, and have VLANs over bonded interfaces
  • MUST: Can authenticate users against at least one external LDAP server
  • MUST: Can run multiple VMs
  • MUST: Can connect to VMs using SPICE
  • MUST: VM watchdog support
  • MUST: Predictable host timeouts for HA fencing
  • MUST: MoM integration- KSM verification
  • MUST: Have Release Notes with feature specific information
  • MUST: Have updated quick start guide available
  • MUST: No regressions from 3.4 Release
  • MUST: Have release announcement for front page of ovirt.org and for mailing lists


  • SHOULD: Can run full cycle with gluster storage
  • SHOULD: have updated installation guide available
  • SHOULD: Scheduling API.
  • SHOULD: MoM integration- ballooning.
  • SHOULD: Alerts when balloon not supported by guest
  • SHOULD: (scheduling API first) VM affinity
  • SHOULD: (scheduling API first) VM not getting minimum guaranteed memory

Alpha Release Criteria


  • All sources must be available on ovirt.org


  • It must be possible to install oVirt Engine on a clean host for supported OS
  • It must be possible to run a VM on one host with supported OS