oVirt 4.0 Release Management

Key Milestones

Date Milestone
2016-05-18 oVirt 4.0 Beta - Feature freeze
2016-05-25 String Freeze - Branch creation
2016-06-01 oVirt 4.0 RC1
2016-06-15 oVirt 4.0 GA Release

Translation Status

Translations are handled by Zanata. You can join the translators team and see current translation status here:

Release Criteria

Alpha Release Criteria

  1. MUST: All sources must be available on
  2. MUST: All packages listed by subprojects must be available in the repository

Beta Release Criteria

  1. MUST: Release Notes have feature-specific information: oVirt 4.0 Release Notes
  2. MUST: Alpha Release Criteria are met
  3. MUST: Supported localizations must be at least at 70% of completeness for being included in the release
  4. MUST: All accepted features must be substantially complete and in a testable state and enabled by default – if so specified by the change

Candidate Release Criteria

  1. MUST: Beta Release Criteria are met
  2. MUST: All test cases defined for each accepted feature must be verified and pass the test for the build to be released
  3. MUST: All lower-level components must be available on supported distributions at required version [1]
  4. MUST: No known regressions from previous releases should be present
  5. MUST: Each subproject must allow upgrade from a previous version, either providing documented manuals or automated upgrade procedures
  6. MUST: All features working on previous release must still work in the new release if not dropped as deprecated