oVirt 4.0 Release Management

Key Milestones

Date Milestone
2016-05-18 oVirt 4.0 Beta - Feature freeze
2016-05-25 String Freeze - Branch creation
2016-06-01 oVirt 4.0 RC1
2016-06-15 oVirt 4.0 GA Release

Nightly Builds

Nightly builds are available from oVirt master snapshots repositories.

Please refer to Install nightly snapshot guide for enabling those repositories

oVirt Live

Latest nightly iso is available here: http://jenkins.ovirt.org/job/ovirt_live_create_iso/

Translation Status

Translations are handled by Zanata. You can join the translators team and see current translation status here: https://translate.zanata.org/zanata/iteration/view/ovirt/master/languages

Release Criteria

Alpha Release Criteria

  1. MUST: All sources must be available on ovirt.org
  2. MUST: All packages listed by subprojects must be available in the repository

Beta Release Criteria

  1. MUST: Release Notes have feature-specific information: oVirt 4.0 Release Notes
  2. MUST: Alpha Release Criteria are met
  3. MUST: Supported localizations must be at least at 70% of completeness for being included in the release
  4. MUST: All accepted features must be substantially complete and in a testable state and enabled by default – if so specified by the change

Candidate Release Criteria

  1. MUST: Beta Release Criteria are met
  2. MUST: All test cases defined for each accepted feature must be verified and pass the test for the build to be released
  3. MUST: All lower-level components must be available on supported distributions at required version [1]
  4. MUST: No known regressions from previous releases should be present
  5. MUST: Each subproject must allow upgrade from a previous version, either providing documented manuals or automated upgrade procedures
  6. MUST: All features working on previous release must still work in the new release if not dropped as deprecated