This developer documentation isoutdated, but provides historical context.

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Common scenarios for SLA in oVirt

Private-cloud / multi-tenancy models

  • Limitations / Capping (CPU, RAM, TBD…)
    • Allow limiting a VM’s resource consumption
    • Provide better control on VM behavior and prevent a VM from going wild.
  • Quota
    • Management level limitations

VM High Availability

  • Host level
    • Tagged hosts should be used when scheduling HA-VMs.
  • VM level
    • allow auto-reset when guest fails (blue screen, etc.)
  • Application level
    • monitor specific application(s) and act accordingly (reset, migrate, etc) when it stops responding

HW utilization

  • Memory Over Commitment
    • Allow running more VMs than available physical memory

Power saving

  • Shutdown idle VMs
  • Gather all VMs to several hosts (load balancing, already exists) and shut down / suspend unused hosts.

Advanced VM scheduling

  • Time based: turn on/off at a given time
  • Various algorithms implementations
  • Statistic-based scheduling