In V4 of the Java software development kit, the Connection class is the main class you use to connect to and manipulate objects in a {virt-product-fullname} environment. To declare an instance of this class, you must declare an instance of the ConnectionBuilder class, pass the required arguments to this instance using builder methods, then call the build method on the instance. The build method returns an instance of the Connection class that you can then assign to a variable and use to perform subsequent actions.

The following is an example of a simple Java SE program that creates a connection with a {virt-product-fullname} environment using version 4 of the software development kit:

Example 1. Connecting to the {virt-product-fullname} {engine-name}
package rhevm;

import org.ovirt.engine.sdk4.Connection;
import org.ovirt.engine.sdk4.ConnectionBuilder;

public class rhevm {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

            ConnectionBuilder myBuilder = ConnectionBuilder.connection()


        try (Connection conn = {

            // Requests

        } catch (Exception e) {

            // Error handling


This example creates a connection using basic authentication, but other methods are also available. For a list of the key arguments that can be passed to instances of the ConnectionBuilder class, see ConnectionBuilder Methods.