You can perform common virtual machine tasks, change log-in options, and view messages in the VM Portal screen.

Key graphical user interface elements

  • 1 Header bar

    The header bar contains the Refresh button, the User drop-down button, and the Messages drop-down button.

    • The Refresh button refreshes the display.

    • The User drop-down button displays the following list:

      • Options: SSH key, for connecting via serial console to the VM Portal

      • About: VM Portal release information

      • Log out: To log out of the VM Portal

    • The Messages drop-down button displays messages from the system.

  • 2 Toolbar

    The toolbar contains buttons that allow you to perform additional actions.

  • 3 Virtual machines pane

    The virtual machines pane displays the icon, operating system, name, state, and management icons of each virtual machine and pooled virtual machine.