Viewing virtual machine details

Viewing a virtual machine’s details

Click the virtual machine’s name in the virtual machines pane to view details of the virtual machine. The details are displayed in individual cards:

Virtual Machine Description and Status
  • Operating System

  • Name

  • State - For example, Running, Off, Asleep

  • Description

  • Host

  • IP Address

  • FQDN - Virtual machine’s FQDN. The guest agent must be installed on the virtual machine to retrieve this value.

  • Cluster

  • Data Center

  • Template

  • CD

  • Cloud-Init (Sysprep on Windows virtual machines) status - On/Off

  • Boot Menu status - On/Off

  • Console

  • Optimized for - Desktop/Server/High Performance

  • CPUs

  • Memory

  • Displays utilization statistics for CPU, Memory, Networking, and Disk usage (CPU, Memory, and Networking only display values when the virtual machine is running). The Disk usage display may differ when the guest agent is installed on the virtual machine.

  • Displays a list of snapshots that have been saved.

Network Interfaces
  • Displays a list of network interfaces defined for this virtual machine.

  • Displays a list of disks defined for this virtual machine.