3. Deploying collectd and rsyslog

Deploy collectd and rsyslog on the Red Hat Virtualization hosts to collect logs and metrics.

NOTE You do not need to repeat this procedure if you create new hosts. The Manager configures the hosts automatically.


  1. Log in to the Manager machine using SSH.
  2. Copy config.yml.example to create config.yml:
# cp /etc/ovirt-engine-metrics/config.yml.example /etc/ovirt-engine-metrics/config.yml.d/config.yml
  1. Edit the ovirt_env_name and elasticsearch_host parameters in config.yml and save the file. These parameters are mandatory and are documented in the file.
  2. Deploy Collectd and Rsyslog on the hosts:
# /usr/share/ovirt-engine-metrics/setup/ansible/configure_ovirt_machines_for_metrics.sh

NOTE Fluentd has beed replaced by Rsyslog for hosts version 4.3 and above, due to better performance. For Upgrading Metrics from 4.2 follow this guide.

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Adapted from RHV 4.3 documentation - CC-BY-SA