oVirt guest agent automatic login windows

Automatic login on Windows

The automatic login on Windows is based on two components:

  1. The ovirt-guest-agent which handles the user’s credentials and workflow.
  2. A component that interacts with the Winlogon system:
    • For Windows XP – the component is implemented as a GINA DLL.
    • For Windows 7 and newer – the component uses the new Credential Providers model.

Both above component are included in the ovirt-guest-agent git repo

The flow:

  1. The Windows component creates a named pipe and waits for an incoming connection.
  2. The RHEV-Agnet receives the user’s credentials from the VDSM through the virtio-serial device.
  3. The agent sends the user’s credentials through the named pipe.
  4. Using the user’s credentials received from the named pipe, a login is performed on the user’s behalf.