oVirt 4.0.1 Release Notes

The oVirt Project is pleased to announce the availability of oVirt 4.0.1 Release as of July 19th, 2016.

oVirt is an open source alternative to VMware™ vSphere™, and provides an awesome KVM management interface for multi-node virtualization. This release is available now for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2, CentOS Linux 7.2 (or similar).

To find out more about features which were added in previous oVirt releases, check out the previous versions release notes.

  1. oVirt 4.0.1 Release Notes
    1. Install / Upgrade from previous versions
      1. Fedora / CentOS / RHEL
    2. Known issues
    3. What’s New in 4.0.1?
      1. Enhancement
        1. oVirt Engine
          1. Team: Infra
        2. oVirt Engine DWH
          1. Team: DWH
      2. Rebase: Bug Fixes and Enhancements
        1. OTOPI
          1. Team: Integration
      3. Rebase: Enhancements Only
        1. oVirt Release RPM
          1. Team: Integration
      4. Unclassified
        1. oVirt Engine
          1. Team: Network
          2. Team: Virt
          3. Team: Storage
          4. Team: Integration
          5. Team: Infra
          6. Team: SLA
          7. Team: UX
        2. VDSM
          1. Team: Storage
          2. Team: Network
          3. Team: Infra
        3. VDSM JSON-RPC Java
          1. Team: Infra
        4. oVirt Engine Extension AAA LDAP
          1. Team: Infra
        5. OTOPI
          1. Team: Integration
        6. oVirt Hosted Engine HA
          1. Team: Integration
        7. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
          1. Team: Integration
        8. oVirt Release RPM
          1. Team: Node
    4. Bug fixes
      1. oVirt Engine
        1. Team: Virt
        2. Team: Gluster
        3. Team: Storage
        4. Team: Network
        5. Team: Infra
        6. Team: SLA
      2. VDSM
        1. Team: Infra
      3. oVirt Host Deploy
        1. Team: Integration
      4. MOM
        1. Team: SLA
      5. oVirt Engine DWH
        1. Team: Integration
      6. OTOPI
        1. Team: Integration
      7. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
        1. Team: Integration

Install / Upgrade from previous versions

Fedora / CentOS / RHEL

In order to install it on a clean system, you need to install

# yum install http://resources.ovirt.org/pub/yum-repo/ovirt-release40.rpm

If you’re upgrading from a previous release on Enterprise Linux 7 you just need to execute:

  # yum install http://resources.ovirt.org/pub/yum-repo/ovirt-release40.rpm
  # yum update "ovirt-engine-setup*"
  # engine-setup

Upgrade on Fedora 22 and Enterprise Linux 6 is not supported and you should follow our Migration Guide in order to migrate to Enterprise Linux 7 or Fedora 23.

Known issues

  • BZ 1297835 Host install fails on Fedora 23 due to lack of dep on python2-dnf
    On Fedora >= 23 dnf package manager with python 3 is used by default while ovirt-host-deploy is executed by ovirt-engine using python2. This cause Host install to fail on Fedora >= 23 due to lack of python2-dnf in the default environment. As workaround please install manually python2-dnf on the host before trying to add it to the engine.

What’s New in 4.0.1?


oVirt Engine

Team: Infra
  • BZ 1268133 [RFE] RHEV Manager support for SNMPv3 traps
    Support for SNMPv3 traps was added, so RHEVM is able to provide SNMP v2c and v3 traps.
  • BZ 1347157 [v4] capabilities was removed
    Replace /capabilities with /clusterlevels top level collection.

oVirt Engine DWH

Team: DWH
  • BZ 1347281 Remove foreign keys from history database for better etl performance on scale
    Remove foreign keys from history database for better sampling performance on scale environment.

    In scale environments the sampling process was taking more time then required.

    Sampling in scale environment is taking less then 15 seconds.

Rebase: Bug Fixes and Enhancements


Team: Integration
  • BZ 1354607 [FC23] firewalld version detection is broken
    Rebase otopi to support firewalld version >=

    Highlights, important fixes, or notable enhancements:
    Fixes firewalld detection with firewalld >= shipped with Fedora >= 23

Rebase: Enhancements Only

oVirt Release RPM

Team: Integration
  • BZ 1354336 we use python-paramiko instead of python2-paramiko


oVirt Engine

Team: Network
  • BZ 1343332 [Network] When all mac range is allocated after engine restart got 404 - Not Found
  • BZ 1340644 [REST-API] - Creating bond with network attached via rest leaving the setup networks dialog in unrecoverable state
  • BZ 1347931 REST-API V4 | Missing network_filter when creating vnic profile with default filter</b>
Team: Virt
  • BZ 1353219 Fail to upgrade db if storage domain with memory was removed
  • BZ 1349368 ‘Disable smartcard’ checkbox does not work (no change in console.vv file)
  • BZ 1346270 Pool VM loses its disk during reinitialisation after shutdown.
  • BZ 1345791 Cannot go fullscreen from user portal (wrong value in console.vv)
    The “full screen” option from console options dialog was ignored.

    After this fix the console will respect the “full screen” option from this dialog.
  • BZ 1348468 VM pool in REST is missing all devices but RNG
  • BZ 1341268 REST API for Kernel cmdline
Team: Storage
  • BZ 1350708 Hot unplug disk using REST API returns “Internal Server Error”
  • BZ 1344314 “VDSM HOST2 command failed: Cannot find master domain” after adding storage
  • BZ 1344367 Uncaught UI exception when resuming disk upload
  • BZ 1353175 Remove old API of template disks and replace it with the new diskattachments API
  • BZ 1352966 Allow disk to be plugged/unplugged to a VM through diskattachment REST API
  • BZ 1353196 QCOW image upload to block storage is limited to 1GB
  • BZ 1346918 Remove old API of VM disks
  • BZ 1352422 Import a VM created on a storage pool that doesn’t exist in the current deployment fails with NullPointerException
  • BZ 1349594 REST-API v3 | Failed to update VM disk interface to virtio_scsi
  • BZ 1350226 Attach disk as VirtIO-ISCSI / SPAPR-VSCSI to a running VM fails
  • BZ 1350203 NullPointerException UI exception is thrown when importing an unregistered VM
  • BZ 1350200 ClassCastException UI exception when importing an unregistered VM with no applications listed
  • BZ 1350343 RESTAPI : Luns collection in ISCSI SD returns always with only one item
  • BZ 1350207 API for updating disk attachments is missing
  • BZ 1350208 iptables should be configured automatically for ovirt-imageio-daemon
  • BZ 1347974 UI - Wrong LUN check when editing ISCSI/FC domain
  • BZ 1342783 Remove snapshot with its disk attached to other VM should be blocked
Team: Integration
  • BZ 1348073 engine-setup does not lock packages on fedora 23
Team: Infra
  • BZ 1348805 Import vm from export domain using REST API returns “Internal Server Error”
  • BZ 1346932 My Groups option in the Add Permission to User dialog throws NPE (Query ‘GetDirectoryGroupsForUserQuery’ failed: null)
  • BZ 1344272 Failed to execute login on behalf - for user admin.
  • BZ 1351217 FQDN checking introduced by SSO should be case-insensitive or engine-setup should lower-case Host FQDN
  • BZ 1349008 Host stuck on installing
  • BZ 1340451 Some Sessions columns are not sortable
  • BZ 1350966 REST-API v3 | Failed to destroy a storage domain
  • BZ 1349517 Listing host storages on 4.0 using APIv3 causes internal error
  • BZ 1349092 Add Users and Groups dialog: cannot close via ‘X’ button or Esc key
  • BZ 1348916 When using provisioned/discovered hosts some fields are not filled in properly
  • BZ 1346299 choosing satellite provider doesn’t fill address field
  • BZ 1347007 [Dashboard] Search mechanism does not know all storage statuses
  • BZ 1344284 REST (V3 and V4)| <mac_pool href= is missing under /api/datacenters/</b>
  • BZ 1346263 satellite 6.2 changed katello API, incompatible with RHEV 3.6.7
  • BZ 1348138 snapshot type not reported at all if Version: 3
  • BZ 1347155 Can not get graphic console by id from VM under REST API V3
  • BZ 1347148 Localization strings for SSO module needs to use indexes for string substitutions to be translatable
Team: SLA
  • BZ 1350228 Add affinity label to the VM or to the host does not return in response body entity
  • BZ 1348559 Can not create quota limits via REST(V4)
Team: UX
  • BZ 1344428 [scale] The Dashboard takes a long time to load on a medium scale system (39 Hosts/3K VMs)
  • BZ 1347017 Cannot switch to UI plugin contributed sub tabs
  • BZ 1348278 oVirt 4.0 translation cycle 2


Team: Storage
  • BZ 1346012 Require lvm package for platform bug 1346172 “vgck scan all devices even if filter is configured”
  • BZ 1349033 Enable ovirt-imageio in rhev
  • BZ 1348256 storage: fix schema validation warnings
Team: Network
  • BZ 1350723 VDSM should not require openvswitch as it is not shipped in the Beta channel
Team: Infra
  • BZ 1349218 Host localhost installation failed. Failed to configure management network on the host.
  • BZ 1349461 Migrate Failed with “Bad file descriptor” error in vdsm
  • BZ 1350350 [RFE] Add reports module to vdsm


Team: Infra

oVirt Engine Extension AAA LDAP

Team: Infra
  • BZ 1349305 [ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-ldap-setup] No timeout when server is down
  • BZ 1340380 [RFE] Assume ‘Active Directory Forest name’ is by default equal to profile name


Team: Integration
  • BZ 1346860 otopi’s machine dialog always outputs “False” for **%QDefault if no value is set

oVirt Hosted Engine HA

Team: Integration
  • BZ 1346341 hosted-engine-setup doesn’t correctly initialize the lockspace volume with zeroes

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

Team: Integration
  • BZ 1352601 hosted-engine –deploy fails after selecting FC as strorage type
  • BZ 1352160 hosted-engine-setup fails on iSCSI when tgpt is negative

oVirt Release RPM

Team: Node
  • BZ 1340382 Upgrade to latest build ovirt-node ngn 4.0 failed via “yum update”

Bug fixes

oVirt Engine

Team: Virt

  • BZ 1349049 User portal reports Internal error when taking a pool VM
  • BZ 1318955 VM in pool reported as stateful
  • BZ 1346270 Pool VM loses its disk during reinitialisation after shutdown.
  • BZ 1305600 Setting vm ticket using REST doesn’t report error

Team: Gluster

  • BZ 1262046 [HC] When glusterd is down - show alert and provide an option to restart glusterd

Team: Storage

  • BZ 1302780 Can’t clone vm from template as thin copy to an imported domain with a copy of the template disk
  • BZ 1325863 Storage connections collection for gluster storage domains is empty from API
  • BZ 1328887 Image Uploader: when not filling in mandatory fields: Size(GB), Alias - Uncaught exception Cannot read property ‘H’ of undefined
  • BZ 1324076 SD metadata indicates that its attached to DC while it is not, preventing remove and format storage

Team: Network

  • BZ 1329224 [Host QoS] - It’s not possible to set an anonymous QoS on a network via the setup networks

Team: Infra

  • BZ 1323484 oVirt welcome page locale selector is broken
  • BZ 1336838 engine doesn’t trust externally-issued web certificate for internal authentication in spite of issuer being in system (and java) trust store

Team: SLA

  • BZ 1301105 [RHEV 3.6 beta] hosted_storage Domain does not get imported in case the Storage Domain is renamed


Team: Infra

  • BZ 1279555 Add drop-in dir for vdsm configuration file

oVirt Host Deploy

Team: Integration

  • BZ 1349532 Failed to add NGN 4.0 as additional hosted-engine-host via WEBUI


Team: SLA

  • BZ 1234953 the error “The ovirt-guest-agent is not active” should not appear when vm is in powering up state

oVirt Engine DWH

Team: Integration

  • BZ 1332892 Automatic provisioning of engine db keeps password in answer file if dwh is installed


Team: Integration

  • BZ 1343382 dnf packager uses obsolete function sigCheckPkg

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

Team: Integration

  • BZ 1335426 Cockpit port (9090) is getting closed on HE hosts
  • BZ 1353537 hosted-engine –vm-status –json does not show global maintenance mode