oVirt 4.0.2 Release Notes

The oVirt Project is pleased to announce the availability of oVirt 4.0.2 Release as of August 12th, 2016. The release has been updated on August 19th with a new build of oVirt Engine fixing BZ 1367483

oVirt is an open source alternative to VMware™ vSphere™, and provides an awesome KVM management interface for multi-node virtualization. This release is available now for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2, CentOS Linux 7.2 (or similar).

To find out more about features which were added in previous oVirt releases, check out the previous versions release notes. For a general overview of oVirt, read the Quick Start Guide and the about oVirt page.

  1. oVirt 4.0.2 Release Notes
    1. Install / Upgrade from previous versions
      1. Fedora / CentOS / RHEL
      2. oVirt Hosted Engine
    2. Known issues
    3. What’s New in 4.0.2?
      1. Enhancement
        1. oVirt Engine
          1. Team: Infra
          2. Team: Integration
          3. Team: Network
          4. Team: UX
          5. Team: Virt
        2. VDSM
          1. Team: Gluster
        3. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
          1. Team: Integration
        4. oVirt Engine DWH
          1. Team: DWH
        5. oVirt Cockpit Plugin
          1. Team: Virt
      2. Unclassified
        1. oVirt Engine
          1. Team: DWH
          2. Team: Infra
          3. Team: Integration
          4. Team: Network
          5. Team: SLA
          6. Team: Storage
          7. Team: UX
          8. Team: Virt
        2. VDSM
          1. Team: Infra
          2. Team: Network
          3. Team: Storage
          4. Team: Virt
        3. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
          1. Team: Integration
        4. oVirt Hosted Engine HA
          1. Team: Integration
        5. oVirt Engine SDK 4 Java
          1. Team: Infra
        6. oVirt Engine Dashboard
          1. Team: UX
        7. oVirt Engine DWH
          1. Team: DWH
        8. oVirt Cockpit Plugin
          1. Team: Node
    4. Bug fixes
      1. oVirt Engine
        1. Team: Gluster
        2. Team: Infra
        3. Team: Integration
        4. Team: Network
        5. Team: SLA
        6. Team: UX
        7. Team: Virt
      2. VDSM
        1. Team: Storage
      3. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
        1. Team: Network
      4. oVirt Release RPM
        1. Team: Node

Install / Upgrade from previous versions

Fedora / CentOS / RHEL

In order to install it on a clean system, you need to install

# yum install http://resources.ovirt.org/pub/yum-repo/ovirt-release40.rpm

and then follow our Quick Start Guide.

If you’re upgrading from a previous release on Enterprise Linux 7 you just need to execute:

  # yum install http://resources.ovirt.org/pub/yum-repo/ovirt-release40.rpm
  # yum update "ovirt-engine-setup*"
  # engine-setup

Upgrade on Fedora 22 and Enterprise Linux 6 is not supported and you should follow our Migration Guide in order to migrate to Enterprise Linux 7 or Fedora 23.

oVirt Hosted Engine

If you’re going to install oVirt as Hosted Engine on a clean system please follow Hosted_Engine_Howto#Fresh_Install guide.

If you’re upgrading an existing Hosted Engine setup, please follow Hosted_Engine_Howto#Upgrade_Hosted_Engine guide.

Known issues

  • BZ 1297835 Host install fails on Fedora 23 due to lack of dep on python2-dnf
    On Fedora >= 23 dnf package manager with python 3 is used by default while ovirt-host-deploy is executed by ovirt-engine using python2. This cause Host install to fail on Fedora >= 23 due to lack of python2-dnf in the default environment. As workaround please install manually python2-dnf on the host before trying to add it to the engine.

What’s New in 4.0.2?


oVirt Engine

Team: Infra
  • BZ 1346782 Display also pretty name along with name, version and release in Host Detail tab in Hosts view
    With this release, the Administration Portal displays the operating system pretty name for all hosts that have an /etc/os-release file with the PRETTY_NAME entry. When you select a host, you can see an “OS Description” field in the “Software” section of the “General” sub-tab. This field can be used to tell the difference between Red Hat Virtualization Hosts (RHVH) and RHEL hosts. Note: this enhancement is not accessible to the REST API.
Team: Integration
  • BZ 1290073 engine-setup should warn users running within hosted engine to set to maintenance
    Warn users to set system into global maintenance mode before running engine-setup.

    Data corruption may occur if the engine-setup is run without setting the system into global maintenance.

    The user is warned and the setup will be aborted if the system is not in the global maintenance mode, if the engine is running in the hosted engine configuration.
Team: Network
  • BZ 1209795 [RFE] alert after a VM is imported while using MAC outside its MAC Pool
    The system will alert upon importing a VM with a MAC, which is out of the range of the target MAC-pool range.

    Having such MAC could indicate the problem of MAC collision in the user’s LAN. Such problem could appear immediately or later, when 2 active NICs with the same problematic MAC would appear in the user’s LAN: one on the imported VM and another one on any other network appliance that isn’t managed by the this oVirt instance.

Team: UX
  • BZ 1358136 [LOGGING] /var/log/ovirt-engine/ui.log is growing at a rate of 16mb/second
    This update prevents UI exceptions from repeatedly spamming the remote /var/log/ovirt-engine/ui.log after subsequent occurrences of the same error. Each remote operation is an HTTP request and consumes network resources.

    Any uncaught exception in the Administration Portal or User Portal is compared to the last one, and only logged remotely if it’s not the same. All occurrences are still logged on the web browser.
  • BZ 1361255 UI plugin API: allow executing certain actions while the plugin is loading

    UI plugin API performs requested actions only if the given plugin is either initializing (within UiInit callback) or in use (within other callbacks).

    This means all API actions are no-op while the plugin is loading, e.g. before the plugin calls the ready() function that triggers the UiInit callback.


    Allow following API functions to be executed also while the plugin is loading:

    - loginUserName
    - loginUserId
    - ssoToken
    - engineBaseUrl
    - currentLocale

    Above functions are considered “safe to call while loading” as they have no visual or other side effects on WebAdmin UI.


    Let UI plugins call above functions within their init code, e.g. before the plugin calls ready() to signal that it’s ready for use.


    Plugins able to call above functions within their init code.
Team: Virt
  • BZ 1285883 Align virt-viewer to engine SSO and remove proprietary HTTP session access
    The Virt Viewers .vv file’s ‘versions=’ row requires a remote-viewer that supports the ‘sso-token=’ row. The minimum versions are:
    - Windows (64-bit and 32-bit): 2.0-160
    - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7: 2.0-8
    - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6: No supporting sso-token planned.
  • BZ 1348907 During cluster level upgrade - warn and mark VMs as pending a configuration change when they are running
    Previously, cluster compatibility version upgrades were blocked if there was a running virtual machine in the cluster. Now, the user is informed about running/suspended virtual machines in a cluster when changing the cluster version. All such virtual machines are marked with a Next Run Configuration symbol to denote the requirement for rebooting them as soon as possible after the cluster version upgrade.
  • BZ 1356488 Edit VM Pool show wrong storage domain
    With this update, a new option been added to the options for a virtual machine pool for disk storage. This option allows the user to select Auto Select Disk Target, instead of a specific domain. This means that every new virtual machine in the pool will use the storage domain with the most available space.
  • BZ 1310804 [RFE] Override instance type on VmPools in Python-SDK
    The instance type field was missing in the REST API virtual machine pool resource. This update adds the ability to pick one when creating the virtual machine pool, and to report the currently configured one.


Team: Gluster
  • BZ 1225728 [RFE][HC] vdsm-gluster to be build as part of RHEV vdsm build

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

Team: Integration
  • BZ 1313917 [RFE] allow NFS hosted-engine system started on 3.4 to upgrade its filebase metadata and lockspace area to a VDSM volume as for fresh deployments
    This update supports the self-hosted engine upgrade path from Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.4 to Red Hat Virtualization 4.0 by migrating filebase metadata and lockspace.

oVirt Engine DWH

Team: DWH
  • BZ 1349309 Lower interval collection rate (to improve monitoring for System Dashboard)
    The sampling interval default time has been decreased from 1 minute to 20 seconds to provide more accurate calculations for the new dashboards.

oVirt Cockpit Plugin

Team: Virt
  • BZ 1358783 webadmin-cockpit-ui-plugin: Show instructions how to accept Cockpit’s SSL certificate
    This update improves the error message received when Cockpit cannot be displayed in the Administration portal’s Host’s sub-tab. The error now includes SSL certificate information and a link to the Cockpit ping page.


oVirt Engine

Team: DWH
  • BZ 1344935 “Can not sample data, oVirt Engine is not updating the statistics” shown when dwh_sampling and engine DwhHeartBeatInterval do not match
Team: Infra
  • BZ 1357296 v3 API | Failed to delete a specified storage domain in the system
  • BZ 1357452 User is not logged out from userportal on session timeout
  • BZ 1356675 [AAA] Can’t add IPA directory users to VM permissions
  • BZ 1337240 When using v4 rest api with request, which is valid for v3 compatibility requests, incorrect suggestion how request should look like is offered by system
  • BZ 1353460 API: exception on engine while trying add an event via API (due to the use of cluster name. Workaround: use cluster ID)
  • BZ 1361619 v3 API | The link to activate a vm’s disk is broken
  • BZ 1354452 [notifier] drop mentioning AES192 and AES256 in notifier.conf
  • BZ 1352953 show descriptive error message when sending a negative number like: {url}/events;max=-3
  • BZ 1355647 Capabilities entry point missing
  • BZ 1352721 Users with ‘%’ in their password, cannot log in.
  • BZ 1350353 [UI] - New cluster - Authorization provider: was granted permission for Role CpuProfileOperator on Cpu Profile , by admin@internal-authz when creating new cluster</b>
  • BZ 1352575 v3 REST API | job object status description should be in upper case letters and inside a entry</b>
  • BZ 1350399 NPE during compensation on startup
Team: Integration
  • BZ 1354465 engine-setup suggests to install DWH and Reports
  • BZ 1343155 ovirt-engine fails to start with python-daemon-2.1.0 installed
Team: Network
  • BZ 1359668 Failed to import VM from any source
  • BZ 1367483 Installing a 3.6 host to rhev-m 4.0 results in ‘ovirtmgmt’ network as out of sync
  • BZ 1364787 Installing a 3.6 host on a 3.6 cluster cause host to stuck on activating state
  • BZ 1364145 Forbid mixing QoS and non-QoS on the same NIC
  • BZ 1351145 Register unregistered templates (import storage domain) failed via REST
Team: SLA
  • BZ 1364048 [API] Not possible to access /clusters collection in user level api in version 3 of the API
  • BZ 1340626 Support update of the HE OVF ad-hoc
  • BZ 1350861 After configuring custom VM numa topologies updating the VM in the UI is impossible
  • BZ 1348640 HE can’t get started if a new vNIC was added with an empty profile.
  • BZ 1350423 Hosted-Engine tab not hidden in UI for host in maintenance.
  • BZ 1343934 CPU Profile is not assigned when changing it on a running VM
Team: Storage
  • BZ 1364783 V3 API | Attach disk to vm with active=true isn’t working
  • BZ 1356649 Template’s & VMs disks link is wrongly calculated in rest API V3
  • BZ 1357987 In v4, GET to /disks/{disk:id} returns property </b>
  • BZ 1358729 image upload dialog - Image Source panel should be removed
  • BZ 1349498 When a VM is started, attached disks can’t be edited anymore
  • BZ 1359632 [engine-webadmin-portal] Tool-tip is not displayed when hot-plug disk is not supported
  • BZ 1357431 “Scan Disks” option should be disabled for Export and ISO storage domains
  • BZ 1361845 Require ovirt-imageio-proxy
  • BZ 1360776 image upload - UI styling modifications
  • BZ 1359736 Image upload - volume format COW is not available
  • BZ 1358432 Storage allocation table in New VM dialog has shifted columns
  • BZ 1353430 RHEV-M should rescan the scsi bus when creating and attaching a new FC storage domain
  • BZ 1358860 Api v3 error return null in disk search
  • BZ 1359489 missing diskVmElement.diskInterface error when extending a Cinder disk
  • BZ 1358727 image upload - no validation for file selection
  • BZ 1354547 UI exception thrown when creating new profile and moving to another sub tab
  • BZ 1353229 Upload image: default values for Image Type and Allocation Policy don’t integrate
  • BZ 1352855 Storage domain is not selectable when uploading a disk from “disks” tab
  • BZ 1352825 CommandEntity record isn’t cleared for commands with callback that fails on validate() till the next engine restart.
  • BZ 1353604 endAction() is wrongly executed for commands with callback that fails on validate() on the next engine restart.
  • BZ 1353196 QCOW image upload to block storage is limited to 1GB
  • BZ 1352676 When a disk finished uploading to a storage domain, it’s status turns to Illegal
  • BZ 1351636 Wrong warning when hotpluging a disk is not supported
  • BZ 1352657 GET of diskattachment returns a list of objects without the href property
Team: UX
  • BZ 1359504 UX: exception when clicking on a host’s ‘Software’ subtab
  • BZ 1360920 some messages reference RHEV when they should reference RHV
  • BZ 1347109 fix login and welcome pages to conform to PatternFly standards more closely
  • BZ 1360403 dashboard: ‘-1’ is show in CPU utilization (initially, then it goes to 0)
  • BZ 1347807 Welcome page: background is truncated when scrolling
  • BZ 1358160 Dashboard show zeros. reports-interface-proxy doesn’t trust externally-issued web certificate in spite of issuer being in system (and java) trust store
  • BZ 1357070 oVirt 4.0 translation update post intl-QA
Team: Virt
  • BZ 1360265 Engine doesn’t start because of outdated entry of RunVm in command_entities
  • BZ 1357630 VMs > ‘Guest Info’ subtab throws FE exception while switching VMs
  • BZ 1357440 Cannot create an instance type via UI - gwt error
  • BZ 1354494 VMs in unknown status and no run_on_vds
  • BZ 1351200 Remove warning of unsupported migration with Native USB on clusters < 3.2
  • BZ 1351283 Host kernel configuration: mention reinstall and reboot host is needed as part of webadmin kernel modification procedure.
  • BZ 1354495 v2v: import dialog - “external provider” field is not refreshed when changing DC field value
  • BZ 1351477 Missing property for Origin KVM
  • BZ 1350501 v2v: ‘?’ tooltip in import dialog is located incorrectly.
  • BZ 1359885 [API v3] Adding a vm with payload fails with internal server error
  • BZ 1354463 Cannot add a permission for a vmPool to a user via API v4


Team: Infra
  • BZ 1359648 add deprecation warning to vdscli module
Team: Network
  • BZ 1356635 RHVH can’t obtain ip over bond+vlan network after anaconda interactive installation.
  • BZ 1350883 vdscli.connect’s heuristic ends up reading the local server address from vdsm config, where it finds the default ipv6-local address of “::”.
Team: Storage
  • BZ 1339780 Require fix for bug 1339777 - ioprocess keep open file on shared storage after touching or truncating a file
  • BZ 1349529 VDSM to require qemu-kvm-ev delivered by bug 1349525
  • BZ 1342397 Vdsm cannot parse the output of dd from coreutils 8.25.5
Team: Virt

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

Team: Integration
  • BZ 1358255 unlogical appearance of ‘ Hosted Engine upgrade failed: this system is not reliable.’
    Making the exit message context aware: using softer exit messages if the error occured before
    the tool really touched the system.
  • BZ 1356221 hosted-engine –ugprade-appliance fails with glusterfs based SHE

oVirt Hosted Engine HA

Team: Integration
  • BZ 1364034 Hosted Engine always show “Not running” status in cockpit after deploy it.

oVirt Engine SDK 4 Java

Team: Infra

oVirt Engine Dashboard

Team: UX
  • BZ 1351585 Dashboard does not load on IE11
  • BZ 1347117 Spacing should be changed to fit the dashboard in 1920x1080 resolution
  • BZ 1360459 oVirt 4.0 translation cycle 3
  • BZ 1360403 dashboard: ‘-1’ is show in CPU utilization (initially, then it goes to 0)
  • BZ 1347009 Inventory Warning icon is not vertically aligned with the other icons
  • BZ 1357104 oVirt 4.0 translation update post intl-QA

oVirt Engine DWH

Team: DWH
  • BZ 1354150 Missing “disks_vm_map” table in oVirt 4 DWH

oVirt Cockpit Plugin

Team: Node
  • BZ 1355617 Node info spill out of the box on cockpit UI via Internet Explorer 11
  • BZ 1356847 The info window does not prompt when selecting the buttons (Information/Health/Layers/Show) in virtualization dashboard for the second times.

Bug fixes

oVirt Engine

Team: Gluster

  • BZ 1303878 Gluster: Exceptions are flooded in the RHEVM UI, when there is no activity in Volume’s tab Activities column
  • BZ 1255590 Gluster: Variables in an error message are not replaced when it is shown on screen

Team: Infra

  • BZ 1226561 Command-coordination: re-acquire engine lock after engine restart
  • BZ 1219147 oVirt’s message mechanism should permit space allocation warnings to be thrown

Team: Integration

  • BZ 1350397 OpenJDK-1.8 missing in required packages
  • BZ 1331168 engine-setup should check postgresql version compatibility for remote DBs

Team: Network

  • BZ 1324479 race between SetupNetwork and event-triggered getVdsCaps
  • BZ 1324125 macpool addresses are not forced to lowercase
  • BZ 1333728 Rest API allows creating network providers without required fields.

Team: SLA

  • BZ 1351533 Cant upgrade to new cluster version when HE VM is running in it
  • BZ 1324830 Update VM NUMA pinning via host menu, when VM run will result to VM failed to start on next run
  • BZ 1260381 Incorrect behavior of power saving weight module
  • BZ 1339640 scheduling policy overcommitminduration is not editable
  • BZ 1351556 LowUtiliztion parameter does not exist under power_saving policy

Team: UX

  • BZ 1230159 remove underline for tool-tipped column headers
  • BZ 1320559 [Webadmin] uncaught exception notification repeats endlessly

Team: Virt

  • BZ 1351886 Unable to create VM when changing template
  • BZ 1128453 [REST API]: VM next_run do not have all fields updated.
  • BZ 1296127 string showing number of cores of VM in basictab in 3.6 is harder to read than in 3.5
  • BZ 1349526 Incorrect error message while VM migration is running
  • BZ 1346848 VmPoolMonitor does not log reason for VM prestart failure
  • BZ 1315100 Command ‘org.ovirt.engine.core.bll.hostdev.RefreshHostDevicesCommand’ failed: Failed managing transaction


Team: Storage

  • BZ 1260428 [vdsm] Cannot upgrade storage pool when there was/is an unavailable domain
  • BZ 1344289 Add compat level verification for uploaded QCOW

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

Team: Network

  • BZ 1364615 3.4->3.5->3.6->4.0 SHE migration fails / The following existing interfaces are not suitable for vdsm: vnet0,eth0.

oVirt Release RPM

Team: Node

  • BZ 1333091 Web UI theme doesn’t fit 16:9 screens / background is not scaled/streched correctly