oVirt 4.2.7 Release Notes

The oVirt Project is pleased to announce the availability of the 4.2.7 release as of November 02, 2018.

Release has been updated on November 13, 2018..

oVirt is a free open-source distributed virtualization solution, designed to manage your entire enterprise infrastructure. oVirt uses the trusted KVM hypervisor and is built upon several other community projects, including libvirt, Gluster, PatternFly, and Ansible.

This release is available now for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5, CentOS Linux 7.5 (or similar).

If you’d like to try oVirt as quickly as possible, follow the instructions on the Download page.

For complete installation, administration, and usage instructions, see the oVirt Documentation.

For a general overview of oVirt, read the About oVirt page.

To learn about features introduced before 4.2.7, see the release notes for previous versions.

No Fedora support

Regretfully, Fedora is not supported anymore, and RPMs for it are not provided. At this point, we only try to fix problems specific to Fedora if they affect developers. For some of the work to be done to restore support for Fedora, see also tracker bug 1460625.


Don’t enable all of EPEL on oVirt machines.

The ovirt-release package enables the EPEL repositories and includes several specific packages that are required from there. It also enables and uses the CentOS SIG repos, for other packages.

If you want to use other packages from EPEL, you should make sure to use includepkgs and add only those you need avoiding to override packages from other repos.

  1. oVirt 4.2.7 Release Notes
    1. No Fedora support
    2. EPEL
    3. What’s New in 4.2.7?
      1. Release Note
        1. oVirt Engine
        2. oVirt Engine WildFly
      2. Enhancements
        1. imgbased
        2. oVirt Engine
        3. VDSM
        4. oVirt Log Collector
        5. oVirt Windows Guest Tools
      3. Bug Fixes
        1. imgbased
        2. oVirt Engine
        3. VDSM
        4. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
      4. Other
        1. VDSM JSON-RPC Java
        2. oVirt image transfer daemon and proxy
        3. oVirt Cockpit Plugin
        4. imgbased
        5. oVirt Engine
        6. VDSM
        7. oVirt Hosted Engine HA
        8. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
        9. oVirt Ansible ManageIQ role
        10. oVirt Ansible virtual machine infrastructure role
        11. oVirt Ansible image template role
        12. oVirt Ansible Repositories role
        13. ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-ldap
        14. oVirt Log Collector
        15. oVirt Engine WildFly
        16. oVirt Engine WildFly Overlay
        17. oVirt Ansible cluster upgrade role
        18. oVirt Engine SDK 4 Python
      5. No Doc Update
        1. oVirt Engine
        2. oVirt Release Package

What’s New in 4.2.7?

Release Note

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1632592 Upgrade ovirt-engine-wildfly to 14.0.1 Final
    This is upstream oVirt release notes only:

    oVirt 4.2.7 requires WildFly 14, which is provided by ovirt-engine-wildfly and ovirt-engine-wildfly-overlay packages. The upgrade from WildFly 13 to 14 is automatic and it’s performed during oVirt engine upgrade from 4.1.z/4.2.z to 4.2.7+

oVirt Engine WildFly

  • BZ 1632592 Upgrade ovirt-engine-wildfly to 14.0.1 Final
    This is upstream oVirt release notes only:

    oVirt 4.2.7 requires WildFly 14, which is provided by ovirt-engine-wildfly and ovirt-engine-wildfly-overlay packages. The upgrade from WildFly 13 to 14 is automatic and it’s performed during oVirt engine upgrade from 4.1.z/4.2.z to 4.2.7+



  • BZ 1613931 [RFE] Add the ability to recover from failed upgrades
    This release adds the recover verb to imgbase. While upgrading ovirt-node-ng, imgbase creates LVs. If for any reason imgbase fails, and those LVs remain on the system, rerunning the upgrade fails on “existing LVs”.
    Now, imgbase --experimental recover finds and removes stale LVs that remained on the system due to a failed upgrade. imgbase will prompt the user before removing LVs, unless used with –force.

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1590967 [RFE] Display space savings when a VDO volume is used.
    The current release has a ‘VDO Savings’ field that displays the savings percentage for the Gluster Storage Domain, Volume, and Brick views.
  • BZ 1623259 Mark clusters with deprecated CPU type
    In the current release, for compatibility versions 4.2 and 4.3, a warning in the Cluster screen indicates that the CPU types currently used are not supported in 4.3. The warning enables the user to change the cluster CPU type to a supported CPU type.
  • BZ 1610979 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] [RHEL-7.6] Limit east-west traffic of VMs with network filter
    In the current release, a filter for VNIC profiles, clean-traffic-gateway, supports private VLAN connections.


  • BZ 1628477 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] After importing KVM VM the actual size is bigger than the virtual size
    When a VM is running, the disk size of the virtual machine should be no larger than was required during the initial allocation of disk space, unless you specify pre-allocation. Previously, when you set thin provisioning for importing a KVM-based VM into a Red Hat Virtualizaton environment, the disk size of the VM within the Red Hat Virtualization storage domain was inflated to the volume size or larger, even when the original KVM-based VM was much smaller.
    KVM Sparseness is now supported so that when you import a virtual machine with thin provisioning enabled into a Red Hat Virtualization environment, the disk size of the original virtual machine image is preserved.
  • BZ 1620573 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] [RFE] Time sync in VM after resuming from PAUSE state
    Large snapshots can result in long pauses of a VM that can affect the accuracy of the System Time, upon which time stamps and other time related functions depend. Guest Time Synchronization enables synchronization of the VM’s System Time during the creation of snapshots when enabled. When this feature is enabled and the Guest Agent is running, the VDSM process on the Host attempts to synchronize the System Time of the VM with the Host’s System Time when snapshots are completed and the VM is un-paused. To turn on Guest Time Synchronization for snapshots, use the time_sync_snapshot_enable option. For synchronizing the VM’s System Time during abnormal scenarios that may cause the VM to pause, you can enable the time_sync_cont_enable option. By default, these features are disabled for backward compatibility.
  • BZ 1621211 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] qemu-img: slow disk move/clone/import
    Copying volumes to preallocated disks is slower than it can be, and does not make optimal use of available network resources. In this release, qemu-img uses out of order writing. As a result, write operations, such as importing, moving or copying large disks to preallocated storage, can be up to 6 times faster.

oVirt Log Collector

  • BZ 1620271 enable rhv_analyzer plugin for sos >= 3.6
    The ovirt-log-collector now includes the RHV Log Collector Analyzer report. This analysis is generated by the rhv-log-collector-analyzer tool, which analyzes the RHV environment and detects anomalies in the system.

oVirt Windows Guest Tools

  • BZ 1637534 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] Include linux qemu-guest-agent on RHV Guest Tools iso for v2v offline conversion
    QEMU Guest Agent packages for several Linux distributions have been added to ease offline installation of the guest agent.

Bug Fixes


  • BZ 1641543 Upgrade again to newer build failed from the older build after the first upgrade
  • BZ 1632585 lvremove command will fail if it asks for confirmation while removing old RHV-H layers

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1639263 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] VM fails to start if maxMemory >= 2048 GB
  • BZ 1623379 ‘Clone’ VM from snapshot via the UI is broken
  • BZ 1637066 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] Live Snapshot creation on a “not responding” VM will fail during “GetQemuImageInfoVDS”


  • BZ 1627289 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] startUnderlyingVm fails with exception resulting in split-brain

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

  • BZ 1568841 Cant restore hosted-engine backup at deployment



  • BZ 1582379 All hosts stuck in connecting/not responding state until engine restarted

oVirt image transfer daemon and proxy

  • BZ 1621140 add info logs to proxy (similar to daemon)

oVirt Cockpit Plugin

  • BZ 1639160 [day2] Expand cluster option not available in manage gluster dashboard.
  • BZ 1637474 Hyperconverged deployment fails to proceed with lvcache details
  • BZ 1605075 automatic creation of storage domain misses the :/ in storage connection value
  • BZ 1619256 Set performance options on gluster volume
  • BZ 1619395 Adjusting Create Volume and Exapnd Cluster for Single Node
  • BZ 1600883 Remove Packages tab from gluster deployment in cockpit ovirt
  • BZ 1574926 Reusing the existing gluster configuration needs validation
  • BZ 1637417 [cockpit] When disk for engine brick is changed, engine LV type becomes thin LV
  • BZ 1637374 [cockpit] LV type selection - thinp checkbox should be greyed out for second and third host too
  • BZ 1590867 Host names field should be flexible to hold longer host names in brick tab
  • BZ 1608660 Support single node deployment from cockpit
  • BZ 1603162 [day2] Editing the hosts in generated gdeploy config file, doesn’t reflect on all the config files


  • BZ 1614971 Upgrading RHV-H from 4.0.X to 4.2 is failing during migrate_var

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1639269 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] [DR] - HA VM with lease will not work, if SPM is down and power management is not available.
  • BZ 1635189 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] Engine marks the snapshot status as OK before the actual snapshot operation
    In the current release, the snapshot’s status is locked until snapshot creation is complete.
  • BZ 1647032 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] Update gluster volume options set on the volume
  • BZ 1619278 Alert when guaranteed capacity reaches a threshold value for gluster volumes
  • BZ 1630744 Allow configuring aio=native for gluster storage domains
  • BZ 1624349 Reduce the frequency of polling gluster from 5 secs to 15s
  • BZ 1620599 [RFE] Assign more than one mdev device to a VM from RHV web UI
  • BZ 1613339 Stop/Start VDO service during host Maintenance/Activate
  • BZ 1519777 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] rhv manager does not show the results of the search properly
    In the Administration Portal, searching for virtual machines by network label, VM emulated machine, and CPU type are not supported due to the complexity of their implementation.
  • BZ 1626157 NPE parsing the configuration of the HE bootstrap VM created with virt-install
  • BZ 1631341 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] prepareMerge task is stuck when executing a cold merge on illegal image
  • BZ 1589509 [CodeChange] Drop calls to FullList
  • BZ 1636946 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] use “Red Hat” manufacturer in SMBIOS for RHV VMs
  • BZ 1609319 failed to update cluster compatibility to version 4.2
  • BZ 1516445 [RFE] Change default MAC address range (increase) and do not hard-code it
  • BZ 1533149 Webadmin-Volumes - update volume snapshot cluster options when no option is selected is allowed causing an exception - Error during ValidateFailure.: java.lang.Inde xOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0
  • BZ 1613371 Error message when attempting to change the MAC address pool is non descriptive.
  • BZ 1614016 admin portal minor css issues with badges and drawers
  • BZ 1593239 Starting VM through RestAPI doesn’t add cdrom with cloud-init
  • BZ 1526794 [UI] - Import network > Network provider should be set by default in the drop down list
  • BZ 1619353 [UI] Bond slave total values have the wrong unit
  • BZ 1607175 Bond stats in gui are incorrect, showing only stats of one slave member
  • BZ 1511409 [Rest] + [UI] - Report data.current.tx/rx and data.current.tx/rx.bps for bond interfaces and not only for slaves
  • BZ 1614345 configure ovn-central to listening on ipv6, too.
  • BZ 1642083 GlusterFS only - BackupAPI: Failure to start VM with snapshot disk attached: libvirtError: unsupported configuration: native I/O needs either no disk cache or directsync cache mode, QEMU will fallback to aio=threads
  • BZ 1629641 PSQLException ERROR: integer out of range - Storage Domains view
  • BZ 1639244 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] Extending VM disk fails with message “disk was successfully updated to 0 GB”
  • BZ 1637078 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] Snapshot deletion fails with “MaxNumOfVmSockets has no value for version”
  • BZ 1636724 Status code from the API for unsupported reduce volume actions (for reduce a size of a floating disk when the dc version is under 4.2) is 400 (bad request) instead 409 (conflict)
  • BZ 1637488 [UI] - ‘Not Logged In’ in the welcome page is broken
  • BZ 1618433 REST API reports wrong address and path for NFS storage domain on IPv6
  • BZ 1627032 Upload disk fail trying to write 0 bytes after the end of the LV
  • BZ 1633232 can’t add new storage domain with empty comment
  • BZ 1625283 transfer_id should be included in image ticket
  • BZ 1634035 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] Entries for snapshot creations in the command_entities table in the database prevented access to the Admin Portal
  • BZ 1603150 Potential bugs not caught because of randomized unit tests on mapping conversion between api model entities and engine business entities
  • BZ 1631876 Fix dependency between engine, wildfly and wildfly overlay to make upgrades in CI easier
  • BZ 1632244 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] Make sure RHV Manager will use OpenJDK 8 even when newer versions are available
  • BZ 1622321 Receiving Getlldpvds error when editing host networks
  • BZ 1612124 Engine raises ‘insufficient permissions’ error when normal user try to access /ovirt-engine/api
  • BZ 1619303 Importing OVA does not honor disk size allocationUnits defined in ovf file
  • BZ 1575586 Active snapshot disks appears when creating VM template from snapshot instead of the snapshot disks
  • BZ 1623818 [4.2.z Clone] An exception is thrown when creating a template from snapshot with less disks then the active VM
  • BZ 1598996 deleteVolume task is not cleared after a failed LSM due to power off VM during snapshot creation
  • BZ 1613462 When importing image from Glance, warning message is displayed


  • BZ 1639136 Revert fix for bug 1614430 as it breaks heal monitoring
  • BZ 1635687 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] Guest agent info is not reported with latest vdsm
  • BZ 1633586 hooks/before_device_create/50_openstacknet fails
  • BZ 1613339 Stop/Start VDO service during host Maintenance/Activate
  • BZ 1637410 KVM VM import failed when source or destination NFS version is lower than NFSv4.2 (no fallback from sparse streams to non-sparse)
  • BZ 1636042 KVM VM import failed when libvirt version in KVM server is older than 3.4.0 (no fallback from sparse streams to non-sparse)
  • BZ 1594194 Make vdsm-client schema cache part of the package
  • BZ 1627734 Don’t attempt unnecessary cleanups in vhostmd hook
  • BZ 1625098 Wrong network threshold limit warnings on vdsm version 4.20.35-1.el7
  • BZ 1615414 Unable to change CD for drivers installation while installing a system from CD

oVirt Hosted Engine HA

  • BZ 1619365 VM HostedEngine is unexpectedly down with qemu error on source host after migration is completed
  • BZ 1614814 [SHE] Remove ‘sudo’ from _check_service on HE Hosts

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

  • BZ 1642440 HE restore code must base upon vds_unique_id table instead of hw_uuid
  • BZ 1620314 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] SHE disaster recovery is broken in new 4.2 deployments as hosted_storage is master
  • BZ 1469908 [RFE] - Support managed/automated restore
  • BZ 1622240 “Unknown CPU model Broadwell-IBRS-SSBD”
  • BZ 1406067 [RFE] have the option to install hosted engine on specific datacenter and cluster.
  • BZ 1630090 hosted-engine –vm-start-paused is broken with xmlBase64
  • BZ 1624529 hosted-engine-setup doesn’t restore hostname entry of RHV manager under “/etc/hosts” at the end of the setup if the engine VM is configured with DHCP
  • BZ 1595384 getent play in validate_hostname_tasks.yml results in failure when short hostname listed first in /etc/hosts
  • BZ 1622135 Free space check on local bootstrap VM directory is not performed at ansible level
  • BZ 1645757 VMs running on the deployed host are removed from the engine after backup/restore
  • BZ 1621015 SHE 3.6 upgrade to 4.0 failed but engine is 4.0

oVirt Ansible ManageIQ role

  • BZ 1627020 Role creates disks which aren’t used when using ManageIQ qcow image
  • BZ 1627018 Can’t set region when using ManageIQ qcow image
  • BZ 1624836 Specified miq_vm_disk_storage variable cause undefined disk_storage_domain variable
  • BZ 1613914 engine_fqdn is undefined in wait_for_api - while using engine_url
  • BZ 1614314 ManageIQ role should support Dry Run
  • BZ 1592857 ovirt-ansible-roles: Manageiq: Can’t set region
  • BZ 1613723 Exception during task: adding host alias of appliance cause crashing ansible
  • BZ 1584772 ManageIQ role doesn’t work with passed RHV Credentials from Ansible Tower

oVirt Ansible virtual machine infrastructure role

  • BZ 1639167 ‘VmsModule’ object has no attribute ‘_get_minor’

oVirt Ansible image template role

  • BZ 1576433 Provide option to set engine FQDN as an addition to full engine URL for all roles

oVirt Ansible Repositories role

  • BZ 1548082 [RFE] Role should find pool ids by self


  • BZ 1635198 [downstream clone - 4.2.7] ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-ldap-setup generates incorrect config for LDAP setup using multiple servers with round robin request distribution

oVirt Log Collector

  • BZ 1616370 (EL7.6) STDERR: a non-existing plugin (general) was specified in the command line

oVirt Engine WildFly

  • BZ 1631876 Fix dependency between engine, wildfly and wildfly overlay to make upgrades in CI easier

oVirt Engine WildFly Overlay

  • BZ 1631876 Fix dependency between engine, wildfly and wildfly overlay to make upgrades in CI easier

oVirt Ansible cluster upgrade role

  • BZ 1619199 Default timeout for upgrade flow is too short
  • BZ 1576433 Provide option to set engine FQDN as an addition to full engine URL for all roles

oVirt Engine SDK 4 Python

  • BZ 1614111 Pysdk: can we search vnic profile by its name AND its datacenter

No Doc Update

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1628883 [BREW BUILD ENABLER] Rebase vdsm-jsonrpc-java for version 4.2.7
  • BZ 1618462 UpdateVmCommand raises: “Exception: org.springframework.dao.DataIntegrityViolationException: CallableStatementCallback” after updating VM memory

oVirt Release Package

  • BZ 1613231 goferd errors in /var/log/messages of Red Hat Virtualization Host