oVirt 4.3.2 Release Notes

The oVirt Project is pleased to announce the availability of the 4.3.2 release as of March 19, 2019.

oVirt is a free open-source distributed virtualization solution, designed to manage your entire enterprise infrastructure. oVirt uses the trusted KVM hypervisor and is built upon several other community projects, including libvirt, Gluster, PatternFly, and Ansible.

This release is available now for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6, CentOS Linux 7.6 (or similar).

If you’d like to try oVirt as quickly as possible, follow the instructions on the Download page.

For complete installation, administration, and usage instructions, see the oVirt Documentation.

For a general overview of oVirt, read the About oVirt page.

To learn about features introduced before 4.3.2, see the release notes for previous versions.


Don’t enable all of EPEL on oVirt machines.

The ovirt-release package enables the EPEL repositories and includes several specific packages that are required from there. It also enables and uses the CentOS SIG repos, for other packages.

If you want to use other packages from EPEL, you should make sure to use includepkgs and add only those you need avoiding to override packages from other repos.

  1. oVirt 4.3.2 Release Notes
    1. EPEL
    2. Known Issues
    3. What’s New in 4.3.2?
      1. Release Note
        1. oVirt Engine WildFly
        2. oVirt Engine
      2. Enhancements
        1. oVirt Engine Extension AAA-JDBC
        2. oVirt Engine
      3. Removed functionality
        1. oVirt Engine
      4. Bug Fixes
        1. oVirt Release Package
        2. oVirt Engine
        3. oVirt image transfer daemon and proxy
      5. Other
        1. VDSM
        2. oVirt Cockpit Plugin
        3. oVirt Engine Extension AAA-JDBC
        4. ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-ldap
        5. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
        6. oVirt Ansible hosted-engine setup role
        7. oVirt Engine
        8. oVirt image transfer daemon and proxy
      6. No Doc Update
        1. oVirt Cockpit Plugin
        2. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
        3. oVirt Engine
        4. Contributors

Known Issues

  • oVirt Node and oVirt Engine Appliance are not available for Fedora 28 due to a bug in Lorax which has not yet been fixed in Fedora 28 (

What’s New in 4.3.2?

Release Note

oVirt Engine WildFly

  • BZ 1671635 Bump requirements to WildFly 15
    oVirt now requires WildFly version 15.0.1 or later.

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1671635 Bump requirements to WildFly 15
    oVirt now requires WildFly version 15.0.1 or later.


oVirt Engine Extension AAA-JDBC

  • BZ 1619391 ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool detailed logging for users
    This releases ensures the invocation of the ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool logs the following three events to the syslog server: the user invoking ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool; the parameters passed to ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool, with the exception to filter passwords; and whether the invocation of the ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool was successful.

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1656794 Disable the ability to remove permissions to Everyone
    This release disables the “Remove” button on the Everyone permissions page to prevent misconfiguring Red Hat Virtualization Manager permissions.

Removed functionality

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1661823 Snapshot creation for a VM with disks on iSCSI domain fails with NullPointerException in case an NFS domain in the DC becomes unreachable

Bug Fixes

oVirt Release Package

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1291789 ovirt-engine-rename tool uses hard-coded ca.crt
  • BZ 1314959 Keep thin provisioning when migrating from thin provisioned glusterfs to iSCSI
  • BZ 1666958 [SR-IOV] - Validate the update of SR-IOV vNIC profile with another SR-IOV vNIC profile while the VM’s nic is plugged
  • BZ 1687301 For verifying ovirt-imageio-proxy cert, engine uses internal truststore instead of https one
  • BZ 1552533 change MaxBlockDiskSize to a more clear value as MaxBlockDiskSizeInGigaBytes or MaxBlockDiskSizeInGigiBytes
  • BZ 1654442 “GET_ALL_VNIC_PROFILES failed query execution failed due to insufficient permissions.” messages when user logs into VM Portal

oVirt image transfer daemon and proxy

  • BZ 1650177 During engine-setup (as past of engine update), ImageProxyAddress doesn’t get updated with the engine FQDN



  • BZ 1666795 VMs migrated to 4.3 are missing the appropriate virt XML for dynamic ownership, and are reset to root:root, preventing them from starting
  • BZ 1684267 Vdsm return GeneralError and log a traceback when a lease does not exit
  • BZ 1678373 Vdsm creates unaligned memory metadata volumes

oVirt Cockpit Plugin

  • BZ 1629543 The LV size should be equal to the logical size on VDO enabled volumes
  • BZ 1683366 Hosted Engine setup fails on storage selection - Retrieval of iSCSI targets failed.
  • BZ 1641534 Single-node deploy UI shows replica type but creates dist
  • BZ 1680551 Successful gluster deployment message is displayed when an ansible syntax error is encountered.
  • BZ 1683200 SELinux labels are missing on the gluster bricks created using gluster-ansible-roles

oVirt Engine Extension AAA-JDBC

  • BZ 1685968 ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool return code 0 on failure


  • BZ 1455440 Add information about LDAP server, which we failed connect to, to ease problem investigation
  • BZ 1618699 ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-ldap-setup fails with UnicodeDecodeError
  • BZ 1532568 Authentication provider does not recover during runtime

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

  • BZ 1684195 [RFE] Add summary section at the end of the log files

oVirt Ansible hosted-engine setup role

  • BZ 1594597 hosted-engine deploy fails when root password starts with #
  • BZ 1678693 [RFE] Share ssh sessions in ansible role

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1666795 VMs migrated to 4.3 are missing the appropriate virt XML for dynamic ownership, and are reset to root:root, preventing them from starting
  • BZ 1679399 RHV upgrade from 4.2 to 4.3 fails in RHHI-V environment
  • BZ 1670715 [UI] - IPv6 subnet - Validate input and create IPv6 subnet
  • BZ 1645229 Export as ova fails in oVirt-engine
  • BZ 1676405 Use ansible modules rather than gdeploy modules in brick creation flow from RHV-M
  • BZ 1679158 [REST] Fix Link To Network Under Cluster
  • BZ 1678113 ‘postgresql-setup initdb’ is obsolete
  • BZ 1659099 [UI] Can’t see the whole IPv6 address
  • BZ 1684113 Failed to start VM with LibVirtError “Failed to acquire lock: No space left on device” (code=1)
  • BZ 1589665 WebAdmin: Upload image dialog - not informative enough when image is too small
  • BZ 1656752 we do not run pyflakes on fedora
  • BZ 1368457 Adding a new host to the gluster cluster, should not show up virt node related tabs
  • BZ 1403161 Missing <certificate> node in ovirt-engine/api/vms/$vmid
  • BZ 1657977 [UI] Gray out multiQueues check box in Instance Types ‘New/Edit’ option - make it clear that enabled by default
  • BZ 1677426 [vNIC Profiles main tab] - Port mirroring, passthrough and migratable properties are grayed out if the first network in the DC(alphabetic) is an external network
  • BZ 1684586 [work around] engine-setup fails upgrading due constraint violations
  • BZ 1616442 [UI] Disks representation in snapshots tab should be in rows
  • BZ 1673442 Storage domain discard_after_delete default value it true, should be false
  • BZ 1530984 No error event(UI)/auditlog(engine.log) is given after template import fails due to faulty glance server
  • BZ 1653752 Scheduler computes incorrect CPU load of the host where the scheduled VM is running
  • BZ 1678200 Q35: Cloned VM with Q35 chipset, failed to run (PCI controller model is null instead of pcie-root).
  • BZ 1659806 Moving storage domain to maintenance during disk upload/download is allowed
  • BZ 1672065 [cinderlib] - Add managed SD on HP3PAR fails with : [CinderlibExecutor]cinderlib output: /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/paramiko/ CryptographyDeprecationWarning: encode_point has been deprecated
  • BZ 1636331 Return error when attempting to update disk from /api/disks/{disk_id}
  • BZ 1683955 [UI] - “Host has no default route.” exclamation icon consistently shown for all hosts under general sub tab
  • BZ 1669830 [cinderlib] create known_hosts file for drivers which require it
  • BZ 1673035 [cinderlib] Support snapshot operations
  • BZ 1679242 engine-setup should not refer to cinderlib feature page
  • BZ 1683523 ipv6 gateway removal from old default route role network - move message from alerts tab to main events tab
  • BZ 1680577 engine-setup on a separate dwh machine fails due to missing cinderlib constants
  • BZ 1671564 After upgrade to 4.2.8, Console Client Resources page doesn’t look as expected
  • BZ 1676443 add more informative error when session limit exceeded for the user
  • BZ 1654603 [UI] SRIOV unmanaged networks cause setup networks window to not populate
  • BZ 1673028 [cinderlib] Support live vm migration
  • BZ 1400351 GetAllVmStatsVDS returns java.lang.InterruptedException when connection to router is lost

oVirt image transfer daemon and proxy

  • BZ 1576500 StreamingAPI - Transfer disk paused by system as adding a new ticket failed due proxy error PUT /tickets/: [500] _strptime_time

No Doc Update

oVirt Cockpit Plugin

  • BZ 1679873 The linked documents on hosted engine page in cockpit UI are still 4.2 version

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

  • BZ 1533575 [RFE][Text] Provide example for mounting options during Node Zero deployment in otopi dialog syntax.

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1642872 a role with just VM/Basic Operations/* can delete VM’s disk
  • BZ 1672860 Whenever a new user clicks on the admin or user portal link to login before being granted system permission, a new entry with their name appears in the user list, one for each click
  • BZ 1589512 [RFE] display all errors at once when upgrading cluster compatibility level


53 people contributed to this release:

Ahmad Khiet
Ales Musil
Andrej Krejcir
Asaf Rachmani
Benny Zlotnik
Bohdan Iakymets
Christophe Aubry
Dana Elfassy
Daniel Erez
Denis Chaplygin
Dominik Holler
Eitan Raviv
Eyal Shenitzky
Fedor Gavrilov
Gal Zaidman
Greg Sheremeta
Ido Rosenzwig
Kaustav Majumder
Leif Madsen
Marcin Sobczyk
Martin Nečas
Martin Perina
Matt Williams
Michal Skrivanek
Milan Zamazal
Nir Levy
Nir Soffer
Ondra Machacek
Pavel Bar
Petr Balogh
Ravi Nori
Roman Hodain
Roy Golan
Ryan Barry
Sahina Bose
Sandro Bonazzola
Shani Leviim
Sharon Gratch
Shmuel Melamud
Simone Tiraboschi
Steven Rosenberg
Tomasz Baranski
Tomasz Barański
Tomáš Golembiovský
Vojtech Juranek
Yedidyah Bar David
Yuval Turgeman