oVirt Release Notes

The oVirt Project is pleased to announce the availability of the release as of July 28, 2020.

oVirt is a free open-source distributed virtualization solution, designed to manage your entire enterprise infrastructure. oVirt uses the trusted KVM hypervisor and is built upon several other community projects, including libvirt, Gluster, PatternFly, and Ansible.

This release is available now for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 and CentOS Linux 8.2 (or similar).

To find out how to interact with oVirt developers and users and ask questions, visit our community page. All issues or bugs should be reported via Red Hat Bugzilla.

If you’d like to try oVirt as quickly as possible, follow the instructions on the Download page.

For complete installation, administration, and usage instructions, see the oVirt Documentation.

For a general overview of oVirt, read the About oVirt page.

To learn about features introduced before 4.4.1, see the release notes for previous versions.

  1. oVirt Release Notes
    1. What’s New in 4.4.1?
      1. Release Note
        1. oVirt Release Package
        2. oVirt Engine
      2. Enhancements
        1. oVirt Engine
        2. oVirt Engine Data Warehouse
        3. oVirt Engine WildFly
        4. oVirt Ansible hosted-engine setup role
        5. oVirt Engine UI Extensions
      3. Known Issue
        1. oVirt Engine Data Warehouse
      4. Bug Fixes
        1. oVirt Engine
        2. VDSM
        3. cockpit-ovirt
        4. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
        5. oVirt Hosted Engine HA
        6. oVirt Ansible hosted-engine setup role
      5. Other
        1. oVirt Release Package
        2. oVirt Engine
        3. VDSM
        4. cockpit-ovirt
        5. oVirt Host Dependencies
        6. oVirt imageio
        7. oVirt Setup Lib
        8. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
        9. oVirt Engine Data Warehouse
        10. oVirt Node NG Image
        11. oVirt Hosted Engine HA
      6. No Doc Update
        1. oVirt Engine
        2. VDSM
        3. cockpit-ovirt
        4. imgbased
        5. oVirt Engine Data Warehouse
        6. oVirt Engine Appliance
        7. oVirt Ansible hosted-engine setup role
        8. oVirt Engine UI Extensions
        9. Contributors

What’s New in 4.4.1?

Release Note

oVirt Release Package

  • BZ 1844389 CentOS Stream release rpm

    CentOS Stream can now be used as an alternative to CentOS Linux on non production systems.

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1838159 [RFE] Upgrade apache-sshd to 2.5.0 to allow RSA-SHA256 and RSA-SHA512 public keys

    It’s possible to add hosts, which don’t provide classic rsa-sha-1 SSH public keys, but provide only rsa-sha256/rsa-sha-512 SSH public keys (for example CentOS 8 hosts with FIPS hardening enabled), to oVirt Engine.


oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1813831 [RFE][CBT] Allow to view and remove VM backup checkpoints


Incremental backup root checkpoint removal.


Before this feature, when a backup was taken for a VM a checkpoint created in libvirt and on the engine database.

In a large scale scenario, users can have many backups for a VM so there will be many checkpoints on libvirt and on the engine database. This could lead to performance degradation when the engine needs to redefine the checkpoints on the host after the VM powered off and restarted, also, saving many checkpoints in the database will consume a lot of space because each checkpoint entity saves the created checkpoint XML description.


This feature provides the following operations -

  1. View all the VM checkpoints using the new checkpoints service under the VM service -

GET path-to-engine/api/vms/vm-uuid/checkpoints

  1. View a specific checkpoint -

GET path-to-engine/api/vms/vm-uuid/checkpoints/checkpoint-uuid

  1. Remove the oldest (root) checkpoint from the chain -

DELETE path-to-engine/api/vms/vm-uuid/checkpoints/checkpoint-uuid

  • BZ 1477049 [RFE] [New UI - New setup networks dialog] - Add ‘Unmanaged’ network icon to the front NIC panel

    Feature: In the NIC list dialog of the host, indicate on each NIC whether one of its networks is unmanaged by oVirt engine.

Reason: To view this indication the user had to open the setup dialog which is cumbersome.

Result: unmanaged networks are viewable by the user on the host NICs page at a glance.

  • BZ 1806339 In Admin Portal, “Huge Pages (size: amount)” needs to be clarified

    Feature: Changed the Huge Pages label to say Free Huge Pages

Reason: For more clarity so that the user can understand the values.

Result: The functionality is more user friendly.

  • BZ 1763812 [RFE] Move the Remove VM button to the drop down menu when viewing details such as snapshots

    Feature: Moved the VM remove button to the more button’s drop down menu.

Reason: For usability. Many users would press the remove VM in a details tab view thinking that it would just remove the detailed item. Instead it deleted the VM itself.

Result: The user now has to press the more drop down button to delete the VM, but it should be less confusing as to which button to use when attempting to remove a detail such as a snapshot.

  • BZ 1768937 [RFE] [UI] Copy host networking from one host to another

    Feature: Provide a means of invoking the copy host networks functionality from the web-admin portal. A button to invoke the action was added to the all hosts and single host pages.

Reason: This functionality should be available from the web-admin as all othe oVirt-engine functionality.

Result: User can invoke a copy host networks action from the web-admin.

  • BZ 1841083 bump up max memory limit to 6TB

    With this update, the maximum memory size for 64-bit virtual machines based on x86_64 or ppc64/ppc64le architectures is now 6 TB. This limit also applies to virtual machines based on x86_64 architecture in 4.2 and 4.3 Cluster Levels.

  • BZ 1679730 Warn about host IP addresses outside range


Add audit log warning on an out of range IPv4 gateway static configuration for a host NIC. The validity of the gateway is assessed compared to the configured IP address and netmask.

Reason: A bad configuration is sometimes difficult to detect and may go unnoticed.

Result: Better feedback to the user

oVirt Engine Data Warehouse

  • BZ 1848381 [RFE] Add description panel to all oVirt dashboards

    Feature: Description panels

Reason: Explain to the user what reports are presented and what their purpose is.

Result: Text that explains the reports, on each dashboard and at the beginning of the page

oVirt Engine WildFly

  • BZ 1830951 Rebase on Wildfly 19.1

    With this release, the oVirt engine runs on WildFly 19.1.0.Final.

oVirt Ansible hosted-engine setup role

  • BZ 1828888 Copy disk task risky and not optimal

  • BZ 1828892 Add qemu-img compare task to verify disk copy

    Feature: Add compare task in debug mode to verify that image copied successfully to the storage domain

Reason: To verify the image copied successfully

Result: Task should succeed if the copy of the image succeeds

oVirt Engine UI Extensions

  • BZ 1768937 [RFE] [UI] Copy host networking from one host to another

    Feature: Provide a means of invoking the copy host networks functionality from the web-admin portal. A button to invoke the action was added to the all hosts and single host pages.

Reason: This functionality should be available from the web-admin as all othe oVirt-engine functionality.

Result: User can invoke a copy host networks action from the web-admin.

Known Issue

oVirt Engine Data Warehouse

  • BZ 1846256 SSO allows all engine users to login to grafana

    Grafana now allows Single-Sign-On (SSO) using oVirt engine users, but does not allow automatic creation of them. A future version (see bugs 1835163 and 1807323) will allow automatic creation of admin users. For now, users must be created manually, but after that they can login using SSO.

Bug Fixes

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1839545 Imported VM from 4.2 cluster with no custom emulated machine cannot run without config changes

  • BZ 1820140 Hosted Engine VM can get memory hotplug to more than the physically available RAM

  • BZ 1783337 Rename tools does not renew certificates and engine config for websocket

  • BZ 1501798 Provide solution to make OVN provider working after ovirt-engine-rename

  • BZ 1807937 [4.4] run-once with wrong configuration failed to start VM but then starts the VM with its persistent configuration

  • BZ 1834523 Edit VM -> Enable Smartcard sharing does not stick when VM is running

  • BZ 1819299 Cannot access VM console after previewing and committing a snapshot

  • BZ 1850220 Backward compatibility of vm devices monitoring

  • BZ 1573600 Handle registering of a VM with snapshots containing memory disks correctly

  • BZ 1847513 [UPGRADE] failed to change the cluster compatibility version from 4.3 > 4.4 while VMs running on the cluster.

  • BZ 1819960 NPE on ImportVmTemplateFromConfigurationCommand when creating VM from ovf_data

  • BZ 1845473 Exporting an OVA file from a VM results in its ovf file having a format of RAW when the disk is COW

  • BZ 1838493 Live snapshot made with freeze in the engine will cause the FS to be frozen

  • BZ 1839967 Error encountered when running ovirt-engine-rename

  • BZ 1838439 After editing 4.2 cluster properties it isn’t possible to create 4.2 VM in the cluster

  • BZ 1837460 grafana is not backed up

  • BZ 1832905 engine-backup –mode=verify is broken


  • BZ 1849275 [SR-IOV] [i40e] SR-IOV information is missing because of ‘block_path is None’

  • BZ 1612152 [GSS] Crashes in glusterVdoVolumeList seen in messages file.

  • BZ 1835096 Snapshot reports as ‘done’ even though it failed (due to I/O error)


  • BZ 1676582 hosted-engine –deploy uses inconsistent storage units (uses both GiB and GB)

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

  • BZ 1634742 HE cleanup code is not cleaning libvirt.qemu.conf correctly and HE can’t be redeployed

oVirt Hosted Engine HA

  • BZ 1850117 Python error - a bytes-like object is required, not ‘str’ - seen when trying to set hosted-engine shared config for storage

oVirt Ansible hosted-engine setup role

  • BZ 1843089 virsh storage pools from HE deployments are not cleaned up


oVirt Release Package

  • BZ 1858234 ovirt hci and problems with ansible 2.9.10 and/or missing python2

  • BZ 1845670 Cannot use any element on oVirt Node cockpit login page

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1770893 Manager shows successful upgrade even when upgrade failed in imgbased

  • BZ 1820208 Integer field stays in incorrect value state after correcting the value

  • BZ 1850103 OVA exported from oVirt contains InstanceId instead of InstanceID tags

  • BZ 1846954 Can’t power on guest on rhv4.4 after v2v conversion because of unmatched machine type

  • BZ 1842253 [ALL_LANG] Compute - Virtual Machines - Console - Console Options : no margin on left side of Dialog box

  • BZ 1852040 After 4.3 to 4.4 upgrade it’s impossible to create new VMs in existing clusters

  • BZ 1830872 In UI HE reports for pending CPU type changes after restart, but they never happen.

  • BZ 1851708 Download template disk with format=”raw” fails

  • BZ 1850909 [HE] Update migration-encryption option to be editable for HE-VM

  • BZ 1839511 WebAdmin UI - remove unregistered entities from attached storage domain - entities list not refreshed after removal

  • BZ 1830705 Last modified value is ‘Jan 1, 1970’ for disks other then OVF

  • BZ 1843842 Error getting info for CPU ‘ ‘, not in expected format. during engine start

  • BZ 1845458 Write effective bios type to exported vms/templates

  • BZ 1826316 Memory Balloon optimization is not enable by default on new created clusters.

  • BZ 1835520 Right-click menu offset too far

  • BZ 1846331 [scale] DataCenter become ‘Non responsive’ and host have no SPM

  • BZ 1642469 Grammar and spelling bugs in Admin Portal

  • BZ 1828282 Inconsistent terms for login, log out, sign out, etc.

  • BZ 1832181 vNIC is added to a running VM while the network is not attached on the host if specifying network filters

  • BZ 1844797 Can’t extend a managed block disk

  • BZ 1575542 date/time selectors in volume snapshot’s schedule doesn’t work

  • BZ 1839398 Configuring HP type by Rest API doesn’t set headless mode. In PPC arch such VM fails on start

  • BZ 1780910 Using “Ignore OVF update failure” on maintenance puts SD into Inactive state

  • BZ 1704349 glance integration with recent RDO is not working

  • BZ 1842004 Addition of IPV6 hosts to hyperconverged cluster fails

  • BZ 1624732 Installing a Websocket Proxy on a Separate Machine fails on el8

  • BZ 1837911 Can’t edit a LUN disk attached to a VM from the VM->Disks screen

  • BZ 1826454 When accessing any type of console error “Sorry, VM Portal is currently having some issues”

  • BZ 1827065 Export VM to data domain with low space on source domain to different dest domain is not possible when it should.

  • BZ 1662733 Webadmin- Download 2 disks on a running VM fails but only 1 disk is shown in the error message

  • BZ 1828299 Export VM to a data domain with illegal disks succeeded when it should fail

  • BZ 1707707 Ovirt: Can’t upload Disk Snapshots with size >1G to iSCSI storage using Java/Python SDK

  • BZ 1826348 [Incremental backup] Full backup during live disk migration should not be allowed

  • BZ 1832828 Serial number provided is ignored


  • BZ 1841076 vdsm should use the switch ‘–inet6’ for querying gluster volume info with ‘–remote-host’

  • BZ 1840609 Wake up from hibernation failed:internal error: unable to execute QEMU command ‘cont’: Failed to get “write” lock.

  • BZ 1842894 [4.4] Can’t delete snapshot with memory (after review & commit) in case of multiple snapshots

  • BZ 1694972 Reading same image on block storage concurrently using vdsm HTTP server may fail one of the requests

  • BZ 1846331 [scale] DataCenter become ‘Non responsive’ and host have no SPM

  • BZ 1842767 Unable to call volumeEmptyCheck in vdsm-gluster due to errors in vdsm-gluster

  • BZ 1841030 RHV upgrade for 4.3 to 4.4 fails for IBRS CPU type

  • BZ 1814022 Suppress safe LVM warnings on RHEL 8.2

  • BZ 1704349 glance integration with recent RDO is not working

  • BZ 1810974 ipmilan fencing fails with JSON-RPC error when password contains space

  • BZ 1690485 vdsm should send events on dhcpv4 and dhcpv6 success to engine

  • BZ 1832967 Uploading images from glance may delay sanlock I/O and cause sanlock operations to fail


  • BZ 1856670 [Day2] Fails to expand the volume, from the cluster of 6 nodes

  • BZ 1856685 [Day2] Fails to crate new volume, with the cluster of 6 nodes

  • BZ 1848588 Error while attaching the lvmcache to LUKS device thinpool

  • BZ 1847504 Error when expanding the volume from Web Console

  • BZ 1847607 Unable to input values into deployment wizard for cluster expansion from cockpit

  • BZ 1848052 Wizard closes with error when attempting for create volume from cockpit

  • BZ 1688245 Gluster IPV6 storage domain requires additional mount options

  • BZ 1832822 Cockpit: Blacklist list in inventory file entering empty fields

  • BZ 1833879 “Installation Guide” and “RHV Documents” didn’t jump to the correct pages.

oVirt Host Dependencies

oVirt imageio

  • BZ 1851707 Failed to add image ticket to ovirt-imageio-proxy: Connection refused

  • BZ 1591439 [RFE] [v2v] - imageio performance - concurrent I/O

  • BZ 1839400 [RFE] Support fallback to proxy_url if transfer_url is not accessible

  • BZ 1836858 [v2v] Improve performance when using small requests

  • BZ 1835719 [RFE] support showing parsed configuration

oVirt Setup Lib

  • BZ 1854324 Add ‘Abort’ option after warning messages during installation

  • BZ 1840756 An endless loop occurs when using autoAcceptDefault=True

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

  • BZ 1840756 An endless loop occurs when using autoAcceptDefault=True

oVirt Engine Data Warehouse

  • BZ 1852405 [RFE] Update trend dashboard to use hourly and daily tables

  • BZ 1852390 [RFE] Bug in Trend Dashboard queries

  • BZ 1849965 Update inventory dashboard descriptions and indentation

  • BZ 1848613 Update service level dashboard descriptions and indentation

  • BZ 1849423 Update trend dashboard descriptions and indentation

  • BZ 1848435 Update executive dashboard descriptions and indentation

  • BZ 1845049 configure engine for showing link to grafana instance in ovirt landing page

oVirt Node NG Image

  • BZ 1838926 ovirt-node-ng-image CI broken due to c, network is not active

oVirt Hosted Engine HA

  • BZ 1832732 unneeded sudoers configuration for vdsm and sanlock service control

No Doc Update

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1858622 Volume metadata is not copied from source volume

  • BZ 1851998 Prevent SELinux errors when rotating ansible-runner-service.log to allow logging of ARS and not exhaust space on RHV Manager

  • BZ 1853894 Dashboard is broken and not visible on latest rhvm-

  • BZ 1853495 [CodeChange][i18n] oVirt 4.4 webadmin - translation update (July-2020)

  • BZ 1845396 [CNV&RHV] Block creation of diskless VMs

  • BZ 1846375 [RFE] Include a link to grafana on front page

  • BZ 1827179 Missing “Enable VNC Encryption” in cluster API

  • BZ 1522926 [RFE] Integrate lvm filter configuration in vdsm-tool configure step

  • BZ 1801709 Disable activation of the host while Enroll certificate flow is still in progress

  • BZ 1764959 Apache is configured to offer TRACE method (security)

  • BZ 1847880 The PCI controller with index=’0’ must be model=’pci-root’ for this machine type, but model=’pcie-root’ was found instead

  • BZ 1057575 From GuideMe link, adding Host using SSH PublicKey Authentication fails with “Error while executing action: Cannot install Host with empty password.”

  • BZ 1849409 video device is missing

  • BZ 1844911 [CinderLib] - The creation of MBD with 3PAR-ISCSI driver fails with several errors in CinderLib log

  • BZ 1843933 Block updates of Kubevirt VMs from oVirt edit VM dialog

  • BZ 1844270 [vGPU] nodisplay option for mdev broken since mdev scheduling unit

  • BZ 1814212 Convert existing oVirt engine extensions configuration files to the new content required by oVirt engine 4.4

  • BZ 1839076 engine-vacuum on nonexistent table returns 0

  • BZ 1842495 high cpu usage after entering wrong search pattern in RHVM

  • BZ 1846212 After grafana setup, if next engine-setup fails, rollback fails

  • BZ 1828669 After SPM select the engine lost communication to all hosts until restarted [improved logging]

  • BZ 1844822 DiskCopy: IllegalStateException: No default constructor for collection type

  • BZ 1833770 Getting “WebSocket Proxy certificate signed successfully” log message when it actually fails

  • BZ 1835586 ansible-runner-service.log is in /var/lib

  • BZ 1839676 Run engine-setup with answerfile fails on “rollback failed: cannot use a string pattern on a bytes-like object”

  • BZ 1538649 [RFE] [UI] - Add right click menu to VM’s vNIC panel

  • BZ 1782279 Warning message for low space is not received on Imported Storage domain

  • BZ 1828931 engine-vacuum fails with permission denied for schema pg_temp_23


  • BZ 1522926 [RFE] Integrate lvm filter configuration in vdsm-tool configure step

  • BZ 1837199 [scale] LVM metadata reload failures are breaking volume creation and deletion

  • BZ 1821627 Creation of live snapshot of VM wirh RO disk fails - external snapshot for readonly disk sda is not supported

  • BZ 1557147 No efficient api method to collect metadata of all volumes from sd


  • BZ 1786556 cockpit hosted-engine log files’ timestamp is misleading

  • BZ 1833412 cockpit-ovirt page has some branding glitches


  • BZ 1827232 [RHVH 4.4] sometimes when defining 2 sizes of huge pages the parameters order changed and all memory occupied by the huge pages.

oVirt Engine Data Warehouse

  • BZ 1846870 SSO after setup of grafana on separate machine fails

  • BZ 1814643 [RFE] Configure Grafana for oVirt DWH

oVirt Engine Appliance

  • BZ 1718873 Hosted Engine install removes rhvm-appliance, therefore purges system of RHV at end of hosted-engine install

  • BZ 1822535 Hosted-engine restore from file fails when there are VM’s having snapshots with old compatibility levels.

oVirt Ansible hosted-engine setup role

  • BZ 1859483 Error seen when launching Hosted Engine Deployment wizard

oVirt Engine UI Extensions

  • BZ 1853894 Dashboard is broken and not visible on latest rhvm-

  • BZ 1853427 [CodeChange][i18n] oVirt 4.4 ui-extensions - translation update (July-2020)

  • BZ 1843933 Block updates of Kubevirt VMs from oVirt edit VM dialog


62 people contributed to this release:

Ahmad Khiet
Ales Musil
Amit Bawer
Andrej Cernek
Arik Hadas
Artur Socha
Asaf Rachmani
Aviv Litman
Aviv Turgeman
Bell Levin
Bella Khizgiyev
Ben Amsalem
Benny Zlotnik
Dana Elfassy
Daniel Erez
Denis Chaplygin
Dominik Holler
Douglas Schilling Landgraf
Eitan Raviv
Eli Mesika
Evgeny Slutsky
Eyal Shenitzky
Fedor Gavrilov
Gal Zaidman
Germano Veit Michel
Gobinda Das
Hilda Stastna
Kaustav Majumder
Lev Veyde
Liran Rotenberg
Lucia Jelinkova
Marcin Sobczyk
Martin Nečas
Martin Perina
Michal Skrivanek
Milan Zamazal
Nijin Ashok
Nir Levy
Nir Soffer
Oleh Horbachov
Ondra Machacek
Ori Liel
Parth Dhanjal
Pavel Bar
Prajith Kesava Prasad
Radoslaw Szwajkowski
Ritesh Chikatwar
Sandro Bonazzola
Scott Dickerson
Scott J Dickerson
Shani Leviim
Sharon Gratch
Shirly Radco
Shmuel Melamud
Steve Goodman
Steven Rosenberg
Tal Nisan
Tomáš Golembiovský
Vojtech Juranek
Yedidyah Bar David
Yotam Fromm
Yuval Turgeman