oVirt 4.4.2 Release Notes

The oVirt Project is pleased to announce the availability of the 4.4.2 release as of September 17, 2020.

oVirt is a free open-source distributed virtualization solution, designed to manage your entire enterprise infrastructure. oVirt uses the trusted KVM hypervisor and is built upon several other community projects, including libvirt, Gluster, PatternFly, and Ansible.

This release is available now for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 and CentOS Linux 8.2 (or similar).

To find out how to interact with oVirt developers and users and ask questions, visit our community page. All issues or bugs should be reported via Red Hat Bugzilla.

If you’d like to try oVirt as quickly as possible, follow the instructions on the Download page.

For complete installation, administration, and usage instructions, see the oVirt Documentation.

For a general overview of oVirt, read the About oVirt page.

To learn about features introduced before 4.4.2, see the release notes for previous versions.

  1. oVirt 4.4.2 Release Notes
    1. Known issues
      1. How to prevent hosts entering emergency mode after upgrade from oVirt 4.4.1
    2. What’s New in 4.4.2?
      1. Release Note
        1. oVirt dependencies
      2. Enhancements
        1. oVirt Engine
        2. oVirt dependencies
      3. Known Issue
        1. VDSM
        2. oVirt Engine
        3. imgbased
        4. oVirt Node NG Image
      4. Bug Fixes
        1. VDSM
        2. oVirt Engine
        3. oVirt Engine Data Warehouse
        4. oVirt Engine UI Extensions
        5. oVirt Ansible hosted-engine setup role
        6. oVirt Engine Appliance
      5. Other
        1. VDSM
        2. oVirt Engine
        3. ovirt-imageio
        4. oVirt Engine Data Warehouse
        5. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
        6. oVirt Engine UI Extensions
        7. oVirt Engine NodeJS Modules
        8. cockpit-ovirt
        9. oVirt environment shutdown ansible roles
      6. No Doc Update
        1. VDSM
        2. oVirt Engine
        3. ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-ldap
        4. Contributors

Known issues

How to prevent hosts entering emergency mode after upgrade from oVirt 4.4.1

Due to [Bug 1837864] - Host enter emergency mode after upgrading to latest build,

If you have your root file system on a multipath device on your hosts you should be aware that after upgrading from 4.4.1 to 4.4.2 you may get your host entering emergency mode.

In order to prevent this be sure to upgrade oVirt Engine first, then on your hosts:

  1. Remove the current lvm filter while still on 4.4.1, or in emergency mode (if rebooted).
  2. Reboot.
  3. Upgrade to 4.4.2 (redeploy in case of already being on 4.4.2).
  4. Run vdsm-tool config-lvm-filter to confirm there is a new filter in place.
  5. Only if not using oVirt Node:
    • run “dracut –force –add multipath” to rebuild initramfs with the correct filter configuration
  6. Reboot.

What’s New in 4.4.2?

Release Note

oVirt dependencies

  • BZ 1851092 Package ovirt-engine missing java dependencies in a RPM

    ovirt-dependency package has been added to the oVirt distribution providing binary java dependencies previously bundled within oVirt Engine packages.


oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1749803 [RFE] Improve workflow for storage migration of VMs with multiple disks

    This enhancement enables you to set the same target domain for multiple disks.

Previously, when moving or copying multiple disks, you needed to set the target domain for each disk separately. Now, if a common target domain exists, you can set it as the target domain for all disks.

If there is no common storage domain, such that not all disks are moved or copied to the same storage domain, set the common target domain as ‘Mixed’.

Upgrade GWT (Google Web Toolkit) version from 2.8.0 to 2.9.0


  1. support for building with Java 11

  2. accumulated improvements and bug fixes (from versions 2.8.1, 2.8.2, 2.9.0)

  • BZ 1837873 [RFE] No warning/blocking when detaching storage domain when there are VMs with disk on the detached domain and second disk on other domain


Warn on detaching a storage domain having VMs/templates with disks on another storage domain.


When a user wants to detach a storage domain that contains

VMs/templates, their disks should be moved to a storage domain used for migration.

Currently, when that entity also has multiple disks on a different storage domain, its future migration might get complicated and split into two partial entities instead.


In order to avoid the entity’s split, a new warning was added in that case while confirming the SD detach.

  • BZ 1667019 Button for removing cluster can be mistaken for button removing VMs

    Feature: Moved the Cluster’s Remove Button to the drop down menu.

Reason: Enhanced usability.

Result: The remove button resides within the drop down menu to avoid removing the Cluster accidentally.

  • BZ 1819260 [RFE] enhance search filter for Storage Domains with free argument

    The following search filter properties for Storage Domains have been enhanced:

  • ‘size’ changed to ‘free_size’

  • ‘total_size’ added to the search engine options

  • ‘used’ changed to ‘used_size’

For example , you can use now the following in the Storage Domains tab:

“free_size > 6 GB and total_size < 20 GB”

oVirt dependencies

Upgrade GWT (Google Web Toolkit) version from 2.8.0 to 2.9.0


  1. support for building with Java 11

  2. accumulated improvements and bug fixes (from versions 2.8.1, 2.8.2, 2.9.0)

Known Issue


  • BZ 1837864 Host enter emergency mode after upgrading to latest build

    When upgrading from Red Hat Virtualization 4.4 GA (RHV 4.4.1) to RHEV 4.4.2, the host enters emergency mode and cannot be restarted.

Workaround: see the solution in

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1837864 Host enter emergency mode after upgrading to latest build

    When upgrading from Red Hat Virtualization 4.4 GA (RHV 4.4.1) to RHEV 4.4.2, the host enters emergency mode and cannot be restarted.

Workaround: see the solution in


  • BZ 1837864 Host enter emergency mode after upgrading to latest build

    When upgrading from Red Hat Virtualization 4.4 GA (RHV 4.4.1) to RHEV 4.4.2, the host enters emergency mode and cannot be restarted.

Workaround: see the solution in

oVirt Node NG Image

  • BZ 1850378 Installation of node will not quit when mountpoint has existing domain (VMs)

    When you upgrade Red Hat Virtualization from 4.3 to 4.4 with a storage domain that is locally mounted on / (root), the upgrade fails. Specifically, on the host it appears that the upgrade is successful, but the host’s status on the Administration Portal, is NonOperational.

Local storage should always be defined on a file system that is separate from / (root). Use a separate logical volume or disk, to prevent possible loss of data during upgrades.

If you are using / (root) as the locally mounted storage domain, migrate your data to a separate logical volume or disk prior to upgrading.

Bug Fixes


  • BZ 1849850 KVM Importing fails due to missing readinto function on the VMAdapter

  • BZ 1854922 spec_ctrl host feature not detected

  • BZ 1663135 RFE: importing vm from KVM external provider should work also to block based SD

  • BZ 1793290 guestDiskMapping can be missing or incorrect when retrieved from qga

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1863615 High Performance, headless VM fails to run when having graphic consoles devices

  • BZ 1573218 Updating CPU pinning setting or NUMA nodes setting for a running VM requires VM restart (should be updated only for VM next run)

  • BZ 1663135 RFE: importing vm from KVM external provider should work also to block based SD

  • BZ 1856677 postgresql restarts too much, eventually fails

oVirt Engine Data Warehouse

  • BZ 1847966 grafana setup with “weird” characters is broken

oVirt Engine UI Extensions

  • BZ 1855761 Web Admin interface broken on Firefox

oVirt Ansible hosted-engine setup role

  • BZ 1866956 Hosted-Engine restore from backup and 4.4 upgrade fail if Blank template is set as HA

  • BZ 1868571 Failed to deploy HE over NFS storage “FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory”

oVirt Engine Appliance

  • BZ 1866811 gssapi packages missing on upgrade

  • BZ 1866780 hosted-engine upgrade to 4.4 with dwh on remote machine fails due to grafana



  • BZ 1875805 Disk QoS not applied live (AttributeError: ‘Drive’ object has no attribute ‘get’)

  • BZ 1855078 KeyError with vlanned bridgeless default route networks

  • BZ 1860716 VDSM Traceback failure at the journal log on DEBUG mode

  • BZ 1840414 Live merge failure with libvirt error virDomainBlockCommit() failed

  • BZ 1850267 [Performance] VDSM creating or copying preallocated disks cause severe slowdowns on NFS < 4.2 storage domains

  • BZ 1790747 engine can’t display mode 3 bond speed

  • BZ 1779527 During hosted engine deploy, vdsm log has: “Failed to connect to guest agent channel”

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1874543 [RHV 4.4] Can not login to RHV Manager “Warning alert:app_url domain differs from SSO_ENGINE_URL or SSO_ALTERNATE_ENGINE_FQDN domains”

  • BZ 1866745 Configure imageio backend http CA file

  • BZ 1860284 VM can not be taken from pool when no prestarted VM’s are available

  • BZ 1850401 Remove isDeferringFileVolumePreallocationSupported flag

  • BZ 1828089 Import data domain from previous RHV version fails

  • BZ 1840732 VM can be started during ofline disk migration when the disk is locked

  • BZ 1839772 [UI] Incorrect total of VMs ,shows under single host detail view

  • BZ 1855377 [CNV&RHV] Add-Disk operation failed to complete.

  • BZ 1860769 Ensure that meaningful messages are logged, when edit cluster properties change and gluster service enabled

  • BZ 1859460 Cannot create KubeVirt VM as a normal user

  • BZ 1839505 WebAdmin UI - remove unregistered entities from attached storage domain - confirmation dialog box text not aligned

  • BZ 1854478 [UI] Inject copy host network failure into the event log UI.

  • BZ 1801206 Possible missing block path for a SCSI host device needs to be handled in the UI

  • BZ 1804253 Block cluster version update if the cluster contains affinity labels with old behavior enabled

  • BZ 1838051 Refresh LUN is using host from different Data Center to scan the LUN

  • BZ 1692355 Memory overcommitted VMs are not scheduled on different hosts

  • BZ 1853909 Update i440fx machine types of existing 4.4 clusters

  • BZ 1845591 Cleanly remove ovirt ga socket requirement.

  • BZ 1830840 [4.4] Wrong bios-type for templates imported from glance server

  • BZ 1854488 [RHV-CNV] - NPE when creating new VM in cnv cluster

  • BZ 1771469 Hot-plug SATA disk from VM fails with error - Validation of action ‘HotPlugDiskToVm’ failed for user admin@internal-authz. Reasons: VAR__ACTION__HOT_PLUG,VAR__TYPE__DISK,ACTION_TYPE_DISK_INTERFACE_UNSUPPORTED,$osName Other OS

  • BZ 1842272 When trying to export VM to a different SD the VM clone creates on the source SD instead.


  • BZ 1862107 Image transfer via imageio proxy broken after replacing apache pki

oVirt Engine Data Warehouse

  • BZ 1866349 Update reports descriptions according to documentation notes

  • BZ 1857778 [RFE] Add Five_most_utilized_hosts_over_time (Br4B) to Trend Dashboard

  • BZ 1852752 Fix chainsaw graphs

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

  • BZ 1849517 [RFE] Allow passing arbitrary vars to ansible

  • BZ 1826875 HE deployment gets into an endless loop when the memory is not sufficient and you choose not to continue.

oVirt Engine UI Extensions

  • BZ 1772038 In case there are no available hosts to migrate the VM to then “migrate VM” dialog is opened with disabled fields instead of showing a notification message

  • BZ 1857197 Cluster stats not available

  • BZ 1772030 Tooltips text windows position are dis-alligned for the “Cluster upgrade” dialog

oVirt Engine NodeJS Modules


  • BZ 1856630 [day2] Warning pops up with expand cluster operation to use device with format /dev/mapper even with blacklist gluster devices enabled

  • BZ 1866698 HE deployment should save the state when clicking “No” in “Exit Wizard”

  • BZ 1855758 auto-populate LV cache size for other hosts during deployment

  • BZ 1862759 Resolve CVE alerts on Github

oVirt environment shutdown ansible roles

  • BZ 1855772 shutdown-env role emit DEPRECATION WARNING

No Doc Update


  • BZ 1874807 TPS result complaining about exiting symbolic link

  • BZ 1859876 imgbase check failed after register to engine

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1877790 lsm causes disk to change from RAW to QCOW2, but database is not updated

  • BZ 1869302 ansible 2.9.12 - host deploy fixes

  • BZ 1866709 database restore fails if non-default extensions are included in the backup

  • BZ 1866688 CVE-2020-10775 ovirt-engine: Redirect to arbitrary URL allows for phishing

  • BZ 1841195 Hosted Engine deployment fails with restored backup from 4.3.9 when CA renewal is selected

  • BZ 1816951 [CNV&RHV] CNV VM migration failure is not handled correctly by the engine

  • BZ 1802538 When trying to attach backup API disk to backup VM, the disk_attachment href contains “null” instead of “disk_attachment”

  • BZ 1758024 Long running Ansible tasks timeout and abort for RHV-H hosts with STIG/Security Profiles applied

  • BZ 1856339 [CNV&RHV] Add test for the OpenShift API to Provider Test connection

  • BZ 1803856 [Scale] ovirt-vmconsole takes too long or times out in a 500+ VM environment.

  • BZ 1826255 [CNV&RHV]Change name of type of provider - CNV -> OpenShift Virtualization

  • BZ 1855221 Setup on separate machine with “manual_files” is broken


  • BZ 1778471 Using more than one asterisk in LDAP search string is not working when searching for AD users.


51 people contributed to this release:

Ahmad Khiet (Contributed to: ovirt-engine)
Ales Musil (Contributed to: vdsm)
Amit Bawer (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, vdsm)
Andrej Cernek (Contributed to: vdsm)
Anton Marchukov (Contributed to: ovirt-dependencies)
Arik Hadas (Contributed to: ovirt-engine)
Artur Socha (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, vdsm-jsonrpc-java)
Asaf Rachmani (Contributed to: ovirt-ansible-hosted-engine-setup, ovirt-ansible-shutdown-env, ovirt-hosted-engine-setup)
Aviv Litman (Contributed to: ovirt-dwh)
Aviv Turgeman (Contributed to: cockpit-ovirt, ovirt-engine-nodejs-modules)
Bell Levin (Contributed to: vdsm)
Bella Khizgiyev (Contributed to: ovirt-engine)
Ben Amsalem (Contributed to: ovirt-web-ui)
Benny Zlotnik (Contributed to: ovirt-engine)
Dana Elfassy (Contributed to: ovirt-engine)
Daniel Erez (Contributed to: ovirt-engine)
Eitan Raviv (Contributed to: ovirt-engine)
Eli Mesika (Contributed to: ovirt-engine)
Eyal Shenitzky (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, vdsm)
Germano Veit Michel (Contributed to: vdsm)
Hilda Stastna (Contributed to: ovirt-web-ui)
Jan Zmeskal (Contributed to: ovirt-ansible-infra)
Kedar Kulkarni (Contributed to: ovirt-ansible-hosted-engine-setup)
Kobi Hakimi (Contributed to: ovirt-ansible-repositories)
Lev Veyde (Contributed to: ovirt-ansible-shutdown-env, ovirt-engine, ovirt-release)
Liran Rotenberg (Contributed to: ovirt-engine)
Luca (Contributed to: ovirt-ansible-infra)
Lucia Jelinkova (Contributed to: ovirt-engine)
Marcin Sobczyk (Contributed to: vdsm)
Martin Nečas (Contributed to: ovirt-ansible-infra, ovirt-ansible-repositories, ovirt-engine)
Martin Perina (Contributed to: ovirt-dependencies, ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-ldap, vdsm-jsonrpc-java)
Milan Zamazal (Contributed to: vdsm)
Nir Levy (Contributed to: imgbased)
Nir Soffer (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-imageio, vdsm)
Orcun Atakan (Contributed to: ovirt-ansible-infra)
Ori Liel (Contributed to: ovirt-engine)
Parth Dhanjal (Contributed to: cockpit-ovirt)
Radoslaw Szwajkowski (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-nodejs-modules, ovirt-engine-ui-extensions)
Ritesh Chikatwar (Contributed to: ovirt-engine)
Sandro Bonazzola (Contributed to: imgbased, ovirt-ansible-shutdown-env, ovirt-dependencies, ovirt-engine, vdsm-jsonrpc-java, wix-toolset-binaries)
Scott J Dickerson (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-nodejs-modules, ovirt-engine-ui-extensions, ovirt-web-ui)
Shani Leviim (Contributed to: ovirt-engine)
Sharon Gratch (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-ui-extensions, ovirt-web-ui)
Shirly Radco (Contributed to: ovirt-dwh)
Shmuel Melamud (Contributed to: ovirt-engine)
Simone Tiraboschi (Contributed to: ovirt-ansible-shutdown-env)
Steven Rosenberg (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, vdsm)
Tomáš Golembiovský (Contributed to: vdsm)
Vojtech Juranek (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-imageio, vdsm)
Xavi (Contributed to: ovirt-ansible-infra)
Yedidyah Bar David (Contributed to: ovirt-dwh, ovirt-engine, ovirt-hosted-engine-setup)