oVirt Stats

Red Hat's Open Source and Standards (OSAS) group, working with Bitergia, is capturing interesting data from some of the upstream projects with which Red Hat is deeply involved. On this page, you'll find various vital signs from the oVirt project.

These figures are yet another way to provide transparency and insight into the open source communities with which OSAS works, but should not be used as a final or complete aspect of a community's health.

Active & new developers

Active this year: 109
New this year: 26
Active this month: 63
New this month: 1
Monthly average, active: 70.1
Monthly average, new: 2.4
All-time contributor growth (over 65 months)

Issue tracking

Ticket participants: 3099

IRC conversions

People on IRC

Total: 319
This month: 0
This year: 45

Activity per person

Total: 210
This month: 0
This year: 86

Mailing lists

Mailing list participants: 2074