oVirt Board

The boards role is to coordinate and help ensure smooth running of the oVirt project. The role of the board in oVirt is specifically to

  1. Define charter & goals for oVirt ecosystem
  2. Ratify new projects into oVirt
  3. Provide support for new projects through the maturity cycle (see adding a new project)
  4. Vote in new board members (based on merit criteria)
  5. Coordinate consolidated release schedules
  6. Ratify votes for smaller member projects (<3 maintainers)
  7. Develop the oVirt ecosystem
  8. Set license policies and deal with licensing questions and issues
  9. Facilitate a form for cross project architectual coordination

The board specifically does not get involved in the day-to-day of projects or technical implementation. It may however help facilitate communication between projects to resolve release schedule or integration issues.

There is no limit on the number of seats on the board. Additional board members are voted onto the board by the existing board members based in merit. The basic criteria for a board member is someone who is:

  1. Recognised in their community of influence
  2. Puts the ‘right’ decision for the project above personal agenda
  3. Is involved in issues broader than a single project (for example helps release the complete stack, helps with oVirt coordination, markets oVirt, runs meet-ups, does community work etc)

Additional board seats can be voted on at any time based on merit. It is expected that once someone demonstrated the attributes to be a board member consistently for a period of time the board may take up the consideration of that individual for board membership.

The initial board has been composed in the following way:

  1. Those companies that have strategically committed to the project, each start with one self selected board seat. A company is deemed to be strategic if it has committed to resource the projects with 10 or more resources.
  2. A few domain leaders from projects. Not all projects have board representation so that community members can work to fill some of these seats related to projects. Not every project has to be on the board. They do however need to participate in the coordination mail lists
  3. Mentors. Individuals volenteering to help get the oVirt project running.

The tenure of a board seat is indefinite. Once voted into the oVirt board, unless the individual withdraws, they are on for life. The goal is to be able to have individuals come and go in terms of contribution as required and maintain influence on the board independent of employment. There is no differentiation between corporate or community members on the board, and there are no corporate votes. All votes and decisions are made through the lens of what is best for the oVirt project.

If you wish to join the oVirt project strategically, please contact:

The board at

OVirt Board Members

  • Doron Fediuck – Red Hat, Strategic member
  • Itamar Heim – Red Hat, Project, engine-core
  • Martin Tessun - Red Hat, Mentor
  • Michael Enescu – Caltech, Mentor