oVirt is a collection of subprojects, each of which shares a framework for its governance, and commits to a common release schedule, but which has its own set of maintainers and community communication channels.

For issues related to the charter of the oVirt project, and the management and co-ordination of the smooth running of the project, the oVirt Board has ultimate authority. New board members can be voted onto the board by existing board members based on merit.

oVirt is an open source and openly governed project. It strives to take the best and learn from many communities. Individual status whether being voted onto the board or voted onto a project is done through merit concepts taken from the Apache Foundation. The board and composition is modelled after the Apache member section.

oVirt’s goal is deliver a complete and comprehensive virtualization management platform. In order to have oVirt function well, the concepts of coordinating many projects to build a single platform has been taken from Eclipse. In addition, the initial board compilation and defining strategic supporter methodology has been derived from Eclipse.

The collection of oVirt subprojects is by no means complete; new subprojects can be added at any time, using an established procedure. As long as projects maintain their health, they will be a part of the oVirt ecosystem.

Input and concepts have been used from LVM and many other existing and well functioning Linux communities. We invite you to join the oVirt ecosystem and come and add your experience, know how, and complementary assets to create a truly open data center virtualization platform.