Reporting a Bug in oVirt

For reporting bugs, the oVirt project uses the issues’ trackers within GitHub oVirt organization.

For reporting security issues please follow the security reporting procedure.

Here is how to report a bug found in oVirt:

  1. Open the GitHub oVirt organization page
  2. Choose a repository on which to enter a bug, e.g., for issues with the management application, select “ovirt-engine”.
  3. On the next page, select Issues tab and then click on the New Issue button.
  4. In the Title field, enter a short description of the problem, e.g., “Cannot connect to virtual machines using Console.”
  5. In the Leave a comment field please provide details on the bug and its reproducibility.
  6. Finally, click the Submit New Issue button, and you’re done!

Thank you for submitting a bug report! A developer will review your submission, and if more information is needed, we’ll reply to the issue asking for it.

If information provided within the bug description are insufficient or you don’t know where to look for getting more details, it may help proactively attach a sos report or an oVirt Log Collector report to your report.