Shellrent is an Italian hosting provider headquartered in Vicenza, Italy. Founded in 2006, it provides domains and web hosting services in addition to cloud servers and managed IT infrastructure.

The 90% of overall services are available within an hour since their activation with a technologically-advanced automatic provisioning. One of the most distinctive features when it comes to Shellrent is represented by its Tech Support, boasting a 90% satisfaction rate. Proficiency and state-of-the-art technical certifications are two key components of the support customers are serviced with. Shellrent offers both up-to-date integrated services and tech solutions with an advanced added value. Security and performance are the two most important factors taken into consideration: every single step, from service engineering to new software releases, is monitored and thoroughly analyzed in order to provide customers and partners state-of-the-art and proficient infrastructure.

We sat with Tommaso De Marchi, Chief Operation Officer at Shellrent, to discuss the reason behind the choice of partnering with oVirt and the advantages hence derived.

“The continuous R&D process we put into our whole infrastructure made us soon realize Xen-based virtualizations were no longer mirroring our needs when it came to licenses and updates. Therefore, we started monitoring alternatives (such as VMWare, oVirt and OpenStack) and eventually, in March 2020, we picked oVirt with Gluster FS: a flexible, reliable, powerful and competitive virtualization system. What contributed to our choice was mainly a lively and up-to-date community; a regular roadmap of new releases and the solid partnership with trustful and structured Companies such as Red Hat and IBM.

Nowadays, oVirt is the system currently being deployed in production of all of our virtualized solutions: Cloud Servers, HA Cloud Servers and Private Clouds. What does the future hold for us? We are strongly committed to use oVirt for any virtualized system from now on, as the results hitherto are absolutely strong and our customers fully satisfied. As usual, our research work will carry on in order to try and automate oVirt even more, and to make it fit to our operational necessities. All this is why we were among the first to create a script system in order to take full advantage of the new incremental backup function.”

Company name: Shellrent
Activity: Hosting / Cloud provider
Founded: 2006
Size: 21 employees