This hook has been obsoleted by the native support of SR-IOV.

The sriov vdsm hook enables SRIOV support in oVirt.

The hook works as follows:

  • receives a VF via its os nic names, i.e. sriov=eth5
  • gets its pci address
  • detaches it from the os
  • creates an xml representation of the device for libvirt domain
  • adds it to the guest xml


  sr-iov: sriov=eth10,eth11

Will attach 2 sr-iov VFs to vm

RHEL6 sr-iov notes:


  • Enable IOMME:
    • Intel CPU, pass intel_iommu=on to the kernel command line
    (dmesg grep “Intel-IOMMU: enabled” # make sure that iommu is enabled)
    • AMD CPU
  • Load sr-iov PF and VF
    • Intel Corporation 82576 Gigabit Network Connection:

    modprobe igb max_vfs=7

7 is max for 82576 card