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Hotplug Nic

Hotplug/Hotunplug of Network Interface Cards


Allow to hot plug and unplug a NIC to/from running guest.


  • Name: Igor Lvovsky (MyUser)
  • Email: ilvovsky@redhat.com

Current status

Detailed Description

Today it is not allowed to plug or unplug NIC to/from running guest. In order to improve a user experience a new APIs will be introduced which will allow to hot plug/unplug NIC in running VM.

Benefit to oVirt

The following feature will improve user experience and will add flexibility for using VMs.

This feature is depends from Features/Design/StableDeviceAddresses feature that introduce a new device's parameter layout

Affected oVirt projects:

  • VDSM
  • REST
  • Engine-core
  • Webadmin
  • User Portal

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