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Node RPM Persistence After Upgrades


Currently oVirt Node NG does not complain if it is getting installed in an environment where i.e. the storage layout is wrong (i.e. a thin pool is missing)


  • Name: Douglas Schilling Landgraf
  • Email:

Current Status

  • Status: Design
  • Last updated date: 07th Nov 2016

Benefit to oVirt

Avoid fatal errors without any message during installation


No dependecies

Detailed Description

The imgbased component must check if it’s available thin pool in the partitions before the installation and /var must be a separate volume. Suggestion: Add a high-level error class something like DescriptiveError Important: Find good error messages

  • Check if / is thin volume
  • Check if FS is ext4 or xfs in / and /var
  • Improve error in
  • /boot is at least 1GB
  • /boot is a separate partition
  • /var is a separate partition