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Node Hosted Engine


This feature introduces the ability to setup a hosted engine on an ovirt-node instance


  • Name: Joey Boggs (jboggs)
  • Email: jboggs AT redhat DOT com
  • IRC: jboggs

Current status

Completed. Users can deploy Hosted Engine via oVirt Node Text User Interface.

  • Last updated: ,

Detailed Description

This plugin will pull in ovirt-hosted-engine-setup and dependencies. A plugin page in the setup tui will be available to start the installation process. The screen package will also be pulled in to help with any possible installation disconnection issues.

Benefit to oVirt

Lowers the bar for getting a engine/node setup up and running with the least amount of hardware

  • Affected Packages
    • ovirt-hosted-engine-setup
    • screen

Documentation / External references

Hosted Engine documentation Feature Page Hosted Engine