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Self Hosted Engine Gluster Support


This feature enable the user to use Gluster storage for Hosted Engine data domain.


Detailed Description

UX changes

For GlusterFS storage types, specify the full address, using either the FQDN or IP address, and path name of the shared storage domain

           --== STORAGE CONFIGURATION ==--
           During customization use CTRL-D to abort.
           Please specify the storage you would like to use (glusterfs, iscsi, nfs3, nfs4)[nfs3]: glusterfs 
           Please note that Replica 3 support is required for the shared storage.
           Please specify the full shared storage connection path to use (example: host:/path): storage.example.com:/hosted_engine/glusterfs

Config files changes

Hosted engine storage domain can use backup-volfile-servers option to mount the gluster volume. This can be provided to the hosted-engine deployment via an answer file (using –config-append option), as the UX currently does not prompt for it


Benefit to oVirt

Users will be able to use Gluster storage as data domain for Hosted Engine.

Documentation / External references


Configuring the Self-Hosted Engine

Configuring Storage

Like any other gluster storage domain, the hosted engine storage domain on glusterfs requires a replica 3 gluster volume. For users that want to avoid the 3 way replica, replica 3 arbiter volume is also supported.


  • The GlusterFS Volume must be configured for Replica 3

gluster volume info '<volname>' --remote-host='<server-name>'

vdsClient -s 0 glusterVolumesList volumeName='<volname>' remoteServer='<server-name>'

  • The volume must be configured as following:
    gluster volume set <volname> group virt
    gluster volume set <volname> storage.owner-uid 36 
    gluster volume set <volname> storage.owner-gid 36
    gluster volume set <volname> performance.low-prio-threads 32
    gluster volume set <volname> cluster.data-self-heal-algorithm full
    gluster volume set <volname> network.ping-timeout   30

It is recommended to turn on sharding for the gluster volume

    gluster volume set `<volume>` features.shard on
    gluster volume set `<volume>` features.shard-block-size 512MB
  • Gluster volume has been started
  • Gluster ports opened on all the gluster hosts



Release Notes

  ==Self Hosted Engine Gluster Support== `Hosted Engine has now added support for `[`Gluster` `storage`](Features/Self_Hosted_Engine_Gluster_Support)

Self Hosted Engine Gluster Support Self Hosted Engine Gluster Support Self Hosted Engine Gluster Support Self Hosted Engine Gluster Support Self Hosted Engine Gluster Support