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Disk Hooks


Adding VDSM hooking points before and after disk’s hot plug and hot unplug. These hooks enable the running of guest-level operations on the disks when they’re plugged/unplugged.


  • Name: Vered Volansky (vvolansk)
  • Email:

Current status

  • Target Release: 3.3
  • Status: done
  • Last updated: ,

Detailed Description

This feature adds four hooking points to vdsm, for before and after a disk’s hot plug and unplug from a VM. These hooking points are named:

  1. before_disk_hotplug
  2. after_disk_hotplug
  3. before_disk_hotunplug
  4. after_disk_hotunplug The above hooking points are defined in vdsm/, and used in vdsm/

Benefit to oVirt

The feature allows customers to add their own functionality before hot-plugging and hot-unplugging disks. This can be done by adding scripts performing custom behaviour. More details regarding the actual usage can be found here and here.