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Self Hosted Engine Hyper Converged Gluster Support


This feature enable the user to use Hyper Converged Gluster storage for Hosted Engine data domain. The gluster volume resides on the same host where the hosted engine will be deployed. Provisioning of the gluster volume is not part of the hosted engine deployment process. This is done either manually or via gdeploy


Detailed Description

Refer Features/Self Hosted Engine Gluster Support for pre-requisites and changes

Benefit to oVirt

Users will be able to use Gluster Hyper Converged storage as data domain for Hosted Engine.

Pending issues

  • Provide a way to input gluster mount options via UX in hosted engine deployment
  • Gluster ports should be opened while setting up host if hyper-converged host

Documentation / External references


Test plan still to be created

Release Notes


Self Hosted Engine Gluster Support

Hosted Engine has now added support for Hyper Converged Gluster storage